Video: Joomla – An Alternative Content Management System

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Content Management Systems are a great way to help you build a comprehensive website quickly. Not only that but they allow developers to build administrative back-end systems and other additional features that take your website to the next level. WordPress is one example of a CMS and also the most popular. Its simple roots started as a blogging platform but it is now a great CMS. What about Joomla or Drupal? Did you know there were other options?

In this screencast, James Gonzalez explores the benefits and shortcomings of using Joomla as a Content Management System as an alternative to WordPress and Drupal. Understand where the strength in each CMS exists and make informed decisions when you build your next website.

Jim GonzalezJim Gonzalez
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James Gonzalez is on the faculty of the Multimedia Studies Program at the College of Marin and the Web Design & Interactive Media Program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division where he teaches courses covering a range of interactive media topics. James is the author of numerous courses, training materials, articles, and books and more than 30 video and web-based instructional courses on covering all aspects of digital media and the web. When not teaching or publishing, James provides consulting, training, and technical production services to a diverse clientele of corporate, government and small business clients.

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