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John Degner

John Degner

John Degner is a Developer for Webtrends Social based in San Francisco, California, EE.UU. John graduated from the Robert Donald Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon in 2003 with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Since then he has focused on web application development with particular focus on databases and JavaScript. In his spare time, John enjoys stress. Hiking and backpacking keep him thirsty, yoga and swimming keep him hungry, and beans and rice keep him fed.

John's articles

From Zero to Cloud: Setting up an EC2 Sandbox, Part 3

By John Degner,

This concludes our three part series on setting up a development sandbox with Amazon EC2. We started with our head in the clouds and ended with an AMI in the cloud. Amazon is a surprisingly cheap sandbox so long as you are mindful of your usage. Turn instances off when they’re not in use and be sure to familiarize yourself with their pricing.