A Lesson on ES2015 with Darin Haener – Live!

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Diving into ES2015 is coming to you Live!

ECMAScript 6, ES6, ES2015 — you may have heard these terms in JavaScript communities around the world. And why wouldn’t you? ES2015 is regarded as the future of JavaScript! With that in mind, a couple of months ago we had released Diving into ES2015, a course which covered the essentials in this must know version of the JavaScript language.

We recognise that this is a must for any front-end developer. We also recognise that sometimes a course, a book or a couple of videos is just not enough. This week, we will be holding a new live event drumrolla live lesson!

What’s a live lesson?

We’ve been holding quite a few live events recently; Q&A’s, webinars, dCode. We just love chatting to you, but most importantly, we love giving you a platform to reach out and speak with experts in the field, directly.

If you know SitePoint Premium, you’d know that we release new courses every month. With every new course release, we get a few questions… mostly to debug code but we also see that part of what you want is to dig into the expert’s mindset and really understand why and what influences their code decisions. We get it — so we put our heads together and thought… why not create a dedicated event with the course teacher? A time where you can take parts of a course with the instructor and ask them your questions directly.

How does this work?

We will have Darin Haener join us for an hour in a live video event. Together, we’ll go through

  • Arrow Functions
  • Parameter Handling and Destructuring
    • Destructuring Assignment
    • Parameter Handling
    • Making a Receipt Totaller (Example)
  • Template Strings.
    • Template Literals
    • Making a Receipt Printer

You’ll have to register to be able to attend the event but once you’ve registered, you’ll be given an access link to watch the live lesson. Aside from watching Darin teach, you’ll also have access to our chat room. This is where you can leave your questions for Darin.

Should I register?

I guess the big question now is should I register to join?

Yes — of course! We love it when people from all different skill sets and development experience join us for live events. That being said — if this is a topic that interests you because you want to learn ES2015 (aka ES6 or ECMAScript 6), or you know a bit of ES2015 but have a few questions about the topics discussed, then join us.

We’ve mentioned that we are focusing on our course Diving into ES2015. For those familiar with this course, you’ll notice that the topics are the same as lessons 4, 5 and 6. If you’ve taken the course, great — come along with questions! If you’re completely new to ES2015, we suggest that you have some knowledge of JavaScript and ideally have completed the start of Diving into ES2015 to at least Variables and Scoping, found in lesson 3.

What if I miss the event?

We’d be sad to see that we didn’t get a chance to say “Hi!”.

Unforunately, timezones are not something we can control and ultimately someone will miss their chance to join the party. We’ll have the event recorded and will share a replay of the event for all registrants once it has been edited.

Great! I’m excited, now what?

Make sure you tick off all of the below:

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