A Brand New SitePoint

By Fernando Tinoco
We teamed up with SiteGround
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SitePoint.com relaunches today with a complete makeover, new features, responsive design and a shift in our content strategy. It is the single biggest website revamp in our 14 year history and it was done with the same mission we’ve had since 1999, to help web designers and developers learn, succeed and excel.

“We’ve carried out several redesigns over the years
but none as bold and slick as this one”

Mark Harbottle, co-founder, SitePoint

Before you go on to discover the new site and dive into fresh tutorials, articles, interviews and screencasts, below is a shortlist of what we set out to achieve with the redesign. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

1 – Focused user experience

Most of our readers arrive at one of our article pages to solve a problem or learn a new technique. To focus on the content itself was by far our number one goal. That is where we started the design process and what set the tone for the rest of the journey.

Focused user experience

2 – Stylish and sleek

Two years had passed since our last redesign and improved aesthetics was required once more. The new design had to be responsive to look great across devices, use smart typography to emphasize content and display a clearer hierarchy of content for our users to navigate in a practical way.

Stylish and sleek

3 – Walking the talk

We are happy to say that SitePoint.com is now responsive, has a high performing site search, better code samples and superior load time.

Better site search

4 – Discoverability

A few years back, we took you on a journey and created an array of niche sites to cater for our passionate audiences: Design Festival, PHP Master, Ruby Source, Build Mobile and, more recently, JSPro and Cloud Spring. As our audience and their skill sets changed we felt our content strategy needed to change too. We heard from many of you who consider yourselves to be multi-discipline developers and designers and were looking for a range of different content in one place. From today, those niche content areas have all returned back to SitePoint. You will find content for all those topics, past and present, here at SitePoint.com.

Niche content sites are back to SitePoint

There are over 9,000 articles and tutorials, for all levels of experience, and more published every day. To help you navigate when browsing for information and collecting resources, most of the material has been organized in eight key channels – HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, UX and Design. What goes beyond those channels can also be found directly via the site search or latest articles on the home page.

Finally we have a range of email updates to provide you a digest of the best articles and tutorials each week straight to your inbox.

5 – Two way conversation

SitePoint has always been for and created by web professionals. On top of maintaining our forums, social media and opening up new channels of communication such as Learnable in-course discussions and Talk With the Experts, an integral part of SitePoint has always been the debate and informal chat at the end of articles and tutorials.

We have expanded that in-article discussion with the first iteration of an inline commenting system. The plugin was built in house and although it is still in its beta form, we hope you’ll enjoy using it and help us to evolve it.

Inline comments

All you need to do is mouse over a paragraph and click on the plus sign next to it. You can use it to share something with your friends on social media and start a conversation outside SitePoint, to join an existing discussion, or fork the on-page chat into a new thread for that particular segment. We will be here listening and responding to your comments, as always.

A gift for you

That’s it. We hope you enjoy the new SitePoint.com as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life.

To celebrate the relaunch, we are offering all of our readers free copies of FOUR of SitePoint’s bestselling ebooks for a limited time;

  • The Principles of Beautiful Web Design 2nd edition,
  • Killer UX design,
  • PHP Master,
  • Build Your Own Website the Right Way with HTML & CSS, 3rd edition

Use the box below to claim your first ebook. Then browse articles around the site for the remaining 3 ebooks, hint, read to the end of the article!

Over the next few weeks, we will publish several detailed and technical articles on different aspects of ‘Redesigning SitePoint’. The first one, from our Lead Designer Peter Bakacs, sharing his insights into the design process, is already live for you to read.

It’s been said, “there’s nothing fresh or original about saying your re-design is fresh and original”. So, we are calling ours “bold and slick”. What do you think?

Update: the free ebooks launch promotion is now closed.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Anonymous

    Love the new design guys, congratulations to the team on the revamp!

  • ralph.m

    Love the new design, guys, and the “hover to tweet” option is really clever. A great job. The site looks a million times better than before, and is a great shot in the arm for SitePoint. :-)

  • D.Apostolopoylos

    Very beautiful, great job!!!

  • Jacco

    Very inspiring design! I am in the process of making a new site myself (although yours isn’t actually new :-), and already used the old Sitepoint.com for design inspiration. I must say, your new design totally rocks and gives me lot of stuff to think about. And as a writer for SitePoint I’m very curious to see how the new comment system works out, that’s real innovation! Congrats!


  • Anonymous

    About superior load time I’m not sure. It takes more than 15 seconds to load, or maybe today the site has a lot of visits

    • Anonymous

      Hey 1001newsCa. Some teething issues for sure, should be much better by now

  • Jacco

    I think there’s en error in the comment notice mails, the link goes to: http://blog.production.sitepoint.com/a-brand-new-sitepoint/ (and it doesn’t work).

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jacco. Thanks. That should be fixed by now

      • Jacco

        Yep, works again :-)

  • Rainer

    Well done, I like it a lot. At first I tend to be alienated by extensive redesigns, but this one is an instant bullseye!

  • Anonymous

    Caught sight of the site on mobile. First impression is: very impressive. Love the use of colours. Congratulations on the whole lot. Slick is the word.

  • sviens

    Outstanding redesign! “Walking the talk” indeed. Everyone involved should feel chuffed with the redesign – huzzah!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say it’s a fantastic new look, restoring SitePoint to its rightful, former glory!!

  • Janell

    Can the ads please be static? It is so annoying.

  • Ophelie

    Congrats everyone. The site looks fantastic, and I’m super jealous of this new inline commenting.

  • D.Bell

    Great work, this looks amazing.

  • Ronnie

    Wow, looking great!

  • Colin

    menu button doesn’t seem to do anything on my chrome desktop

  • Anonymous

    wonderful :) keep rocking

  • Grant Palin

    Nice refresh! Like that it is mobile-friendly, and has a more subtle colour scheme. I also think it makes sense to reunify the various topic-specific sites, they felt too fragmented.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Colin. Thanks for the feed back. Which menu button are you referring to?

    • Colin

      @Nando actually I found out why. Because my browser was zoomed to 150% so the page became responsive and the mobile menu button appeared (but didn’t reveal the button when clicked). When I zoomed back to 100% the page looks normal =)

  • Anonymous

    Love it guys! Very slick on my iPhone. Very up to date on my desktop. Thanks for the ebooks.

  • Ana

    Is still available the “resources” section (html/css/php…)? If yes where because I can’t find them. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Ana, if you mean the HTML, CSS and JavaScript Reference sections, they’re now linked from the bottom nav bar under Reference.

  • Anonymous

    A really nice renovation! I’m eager to see what else is new around here and how the new site came to be.

  • rakhan

    Is this why the podcast RSS feed ( http://www.sitepoint.com/?feed=podcast ) seems to be no longer working?
    Shame, as I’d just discovered that.
    That aside, the redo looks appealing.

    • Anonymous

      rakhan, the final SitePoint podcast was broadcast in December 2012: http://www.sitepoint.com/podcast-192-the-end/. If you want to browse through them, the easiest way is to use the top bar search for “podcast”.

  • Samuel Jackson
    • Anonymous

      Samuel, see point 4 above, “all niche content areas have all returned back to SitePoint”. News and opinion articles now form part of their subject areas rather than being sectioned off by themselves.

  • Léon

    Awesome design!

  • rakhan

    Ed, dang! Thanks tho, i will make the timeworthy effort to ‘collect-em-all’.

  • T.M.

    I need a new RubySource, this site just flushed itself with its broken RSS feeds. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Nathan

    Very cool!! And I love that phpmaster has become a topic on sitepoint. I bet there are lots of other things that I haven’t even noticed yet that I’m going to make me say, “that’s awesome!”

  • Mikey

    I like the new design, but I kinda feel that it is too bland on the homepage. There’s a lot of text, but not enough visual aspect to this. Hate me if you want, but I like to run AdBlock to get rid of annoying ads — so for me, instead of ads I see blank spaces. I know we are not kids anymore, but pictures invite people to read your articles. This is just constructive criticism by the way.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you (and Jason) about adding a little more visual oomph. That’s more of a content issue than a systems issue, which makes it my department. I think I know what to do. Bear with me.

  • Scott

    Overall, it’s a nice, slick design. Just wanted to note a two big issues:
    1. Instant UX fail on the CSS-only menu. You need Superfish or something similar on there.
    2. The branding is lacking. I don’t really know what site I’m on when your site name and logo is a tiny gray thing stuck in the corner.

  • Jason

    Hi guys, am really liking the look of the page content, but have to agree that the front page could use a bit of “pizazz”. All i see is a lot of text – where have all the images gone? Oh, and i think your comments area is in need of some tweaking. ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  • ralph.m

    “All i see is a lot of text” … Text FTW! Text is beautiful. Why force people to dig through a bunch of pointless images to find the real content?

    • Anonymous

      Ralph, the key probably lies in not making the images pointless, but serve to enhance the text. I think it can be done.

      • ralph.m

        “Ralph, the key probably lies in not making the images pointless, but serve to enhance the text. I think it can be done.”

        I guess so, although I’d much rather see some elegantly styled text that tells me what I can find here than a bunch of stock photos or flowery decorations that tend to waste space and bandwidth. Don’t give in too easily!

  • foo@bar.com

    +1 for comments area needing some further attention.

    The placeholder attribute is not supported in IE <= 9, so your comment form contains mystery meat fields. Sitepoint has always been about supporting learning, so spare a thought for new designers who may not instantly recognise your graphical language. For example, the "reply" icon on each comment could equally be an "undo" icon. Finally, your heading structure could do with some refinement: almost all page types have broken heading flows, e.g. on this page the h1 article heading comes after the h2 Web and News links. Otherwise, well done :)

    • Anonymous

      Respectively: it seems OK in IE8, but IE7 down goes pear-shaped – I’ll try to make the devs care; I can see your point, although it’s hard to see logically why there would be an icon for “undo” just there – doesn’t the context make it clear enough? and finally, yes that’s not so good – bad for accessibility among other things – I’ll throw that one to the dev team. Thanks for your comments.

  • Efren Martinez

    Looks great !! congratulations !!

  • Tim

    Wow, the new site is… boring. Responsive…so what if it’s not visually interesting. You have no images. At all.
    Also, when I get past the homepage your navigation disappears into a little topics menu. Terrible UX.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Tim. We take your views onboard.

      Nevertheless, our focus is very much on creating and continuing to hone a great text experience. There are gallery sites that make big visual statements. That’s not really where we’re at. Articles that need supporting imagery will always get them, but decoration only for the sake of visual interest wasn’t a key consideration in this process.

      So far the reaction to that decision has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Philip Downer

    Love the redesign. Has Sitepoint.com always been a WordPress site? I’d love to hear some thoughts on that process.

  • DB

    At first glance it took me a few extra milliseconds to process the text within the large color blocks. I’ve found that the current trend of “icon” style graphics and color blocks are unique but visually difficult for those who do not categorize images or icons easily (like myself). It’s the same issue I have with Windows’ design overhaul. I found the blue titles in your previous design to be easier to read. That’s just my immediate reaction to the design but I love SitePoint and all the great articles you produce and resources you provide!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but … dreadful.

  • OsakaWebbie

    The responsiveness is nice, and I see some clever layout things going on – smooth! But I’m curious: In the wide mode, why are the color boxes so tall? It takes up a lot of screen real estate that could be showing more of the article titles below.

    And I concur with what someone else said about the logo – after the simplification of it a while back, the last real distinctive remaining to make it memorable was the blue-and-orange color scheme, but apparently that’s gone now. I understand that you are now using color to more strongly differentiate the “topics” (I like practical color-coding, so that works for me), so you don’t want the header to have too much color that gets in the way of that, but just the logo would be okay, in my opinion.

  • Matthew Setter

    I’ve only looked briefly so far, but from what I’ve seen, it looks really amazing. A great redesign if ever I saw one.

  • OsakaWebbie

    Hmm, a mystery: When I make my PC browser window narrow, I get all kinds of lovely responsiveness. I don’t personally have a smartphone (perhaps the last web dev without one?), but I bragged on you guys to my husband, who checked it out on his (Japanese Android smartphone with its default browser – a single-tab, simplified, presumably Webkit thing). The home page and channel listing pages were fine, but every article (post) page he looked at was full width – he had to slide it over to see the right side. He could zoom out, but of course then the text was too small to read. It looked just like non-RWD web pages, except that I know you designed them to do RWD, because I can see them do it on my computer. Weird! Email me (I assume you have my address internally) if you want more detailed info or want me to test anything in particular – I’m happy to help (that way I learn, too!).

    • ralph.m

      “Japanese Android smartphone with its default browser”.

      There are so many devices out there that it’s impossible to test a layout on all devices. It’s odd that an Android phone wouldn’t recognise the meta viewport settings and the @media rules, but I’m inclined to blame the device rather than the site.

      • Anonymous

        Having an Android phone, I’d be inclined to blame the default browser. Mine does not do responsive. Chrome, however is gorgeous on my phone, including for SitePoint. cc OsakaWebbie

      • OsakaWebbie

        What’s especially odd, I thought, is that the phone recognized the media rules on the higher up pages (the ones with only titles of posts) but failed on the pages displaying single posts. I don’t have the time to look at how the pages differ (I have enough of my own work piled up), but I thought someone might want to know.

  • Loganathan

    Looks nice but lot of empty in bigger screen… still i love sitepoint.

  • Michael Rhodes

    Great redesign. Easy to look at, navigate and encourages one to dig deeper on the additonal features.

    Now if I could only claim the “free books.” I keep on falling into the learnable rabbit-hole and never get to the point of actually getting the offered book. It would’ve been nice to have details about the required “membership” before one clicked on the “free book” link. I’m using quotes, because I’ve yet to see or obtain these books.

  • RebeccaL

    Sorry, all those flat colors/empty white spaces create halos and afterimages that make it too painful to read on my 26″ monitor. This current drive to design everything for small spaces is making life on the big screen increasingly difficult.

  • Al

    wow, just came here today for first view of the new design. now lets see if I can find the article I am looking for.

  • simon

    love the new comment system idea,
    but wonder if it just lead to information overload and or lose of valid comments to those not in the know? did you guy discuss this when creating them?

    • Anonymous

      Excellent question, simon. There was discussion, probably not quite enough. There’s a certain level of excitement and anticipation that sets in and you want to just get it out there. I’m sure a lot of devs and designers can identify with that, and when it comes down to it we’re just like all of you. The online commenting system just seemed too good to pass up. Maybe that’s naive of us, but it does give us the opportunity and the motivation to make it work. Nothing’s set in concrete, of course, and we fully expect to hone things as we go along. [ repeats to self: it’s not a product, it’s a process ]

    • Anonymous

      As Ricky intimated, this is new ground, and we’re learning as we watch it being used. To be honest this is a simplified version of the first version we wrote.

      As it does more than standard commenting function, it would be hard to simultaneously make it less complicated to use. It’s certainly our job to strip away any complication we can.

      It could change, but so far our view has been that there *is* added power and engagement in being able to target your remarks to specific paragraphs and phrases in a piece. We’ll see if that opinion bears the test of time.

  • ralph.m

    The view more replies bit is a bit confusing. It’s easy to miss it, and to think there are only a few replies. Some people comment and then think their comment was removed. I’d suggest removing that feature, but if it’s to remain, make the option to view all comments really clear.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect the second option is the more likely to be adopted, i.e. make it clearer that there are comments hidden to save space. I don’t have a problem with scrolling through a long set of comments myself, but I can understand that some people do. Especially on smaller screen devices.

      • ralph.m

        I guess the problem is in deciding which comments to hide. If someone doesn’t like scrolling, they can just read the first few comments. But it can get confusing to read a list of comments where some (or most) are left out. It confuses the conversation for me. Anyhow, no problem. I would just make the “show more comments” more obvious, if nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    v2.1: sticky header!

  • Adil

    Eye catching web site but I just noted that when you click on the MORE button at the bottom of the content it keeps adding “undefined” in the URL http://www.sitepoint.com/undefined/?block=2
    The more you click on the MORE button the more it’ll add the “undefined” text.

    • Anonymous

      Adil, which browser are you using? I can see this happening in the latest versions of IE and Opera, but not Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I’d like to pass your observation on to our devs. Thanks.

      • Adil

        It’s in IE 10

  • CodinCat

    The design is really awesome, clean and modern.

    But I am not a native English speaker, when encounter a new word,
    I’ll double click the word to select it, then right click -> search Google for …

    Now with the new comment/share system, I double click a word…
    oops.. the whole sentence is selected, sometime select two words.

    And I think the textarea of comment can be a little higher or auto expand so that the users don’t have to scroll up and down to check their comment.

    • Anonymous

      That’s true about double-clicking to select a word, CodinCat. You can, however, drag your mouse across a word to select it, right-click and still use the “Search Google for” option. That does take a bit more dexterity, I know. Making the comment box auto expand is a good idea and I’ll pass it on.

  • Surendra

    Very clean design…I am enjoying reading now because of large font size & Contrast.

  • Jacco


    The mute function from the comment notification mail doesn’t seem to work on mobile, and this topic is really popular :-)

    • Anonymous

      Jacco, do you get the success message but still get notifications, or nothing happens at all?

      • Jacco

        Nothing happens at all.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Adil and Jacco, I’ll get both of those things checked out.

  • Anonymous

    Way to ‘WordPress-ish’ ….. content is good, design is … meh.

  • MaryV

    I just realized I’ve been around SitePoint long enough to remember the last redesign. I do like the new look: sleek and clean. It’s always a balancing act between a clean look and too much space for mobile. I’ll keep checking out the site.

  • Richard Padilla

    Grill site very ux focus and easy to use and navigate

  • ScottM

    So much easier to read, great job guys!

  • Lee

    In case you did not notice, when the browser window is re-sized, the main (picture&article) content doesn’t fit.

  • Tiffani

    I love the new design. The design in new and fresh. Job well done!

  • Lee

    The new site is great! It is very user friendly and looks very appealing. Kudos!!

  • Kinita

    Congratulations!!!! It surely is bold and slick!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the free books. Love the new Sitepoint design. It is easy to navigate, organized, and has that clean layout. I would like to see a recommended links section as new articles/tutorials are published as well.

  • Geert


  • Geoff Kendall

    ‘Bold and slick’? I’d go with ‘Clean and quick’, just seems more accurate a description. Either reality is good though, obviously, and it’s now a good looking site that works better.

  • ArneBjermeland

    The new design is both simple (which is usually the hardest to achieve) and effective. A great job! Cheers!

  • Tracy

    Love the new design. Very sleek and stylish

  • Susan McKinnell

    Sorry – I don’t care for the new design. The first problem for me is the set of colored blocks. First, I detest Windows Metro and this reminds me of that – useless design for the sake of being different. Second, the colors clash badly. Someone there *must* have a sense of color and no one asked this person. II find the articles even more stripped down now and narrower on anything on which I read them, so there is a lot more scrolling to read content. You may have made it easier for mobile devices, but you destroyed usability in email on on laptops.

  • Tony

    This is really beautiful, I love it. Sitepoint has been my one stop shop since I became a developer, you guys also showed me the way to Asp.net with that lovely book. I have developed a full fledged sms webapp (www.hifisms.net) reading through your books over these years, yes you are my friends indeed. To let you know “I have other big projects ( e.g. http://www.softnaira.com) ahead and I am still reading from you, keep the good works).

  • Wyat

    Nice setup! I noticed that PHP Master and Killer UX design show as a charge to download. The other two books in the offer I could add to the dashboard and download without charge. Unless there is a coupon code that we are supposed to find as well?

  • Joao Reis

    Awesome ! My navigation between topics is faster and easier, and the google like results in search is great. It’s great for a first contact, I’ll surely talk more while using the new site.

  • Adnane

    awesome new design! mobile and non mobile

  • Caroline

    The new design is great and really user friendly. Thanks

  • Debi

    Nice job, I love the new layout, much easier to navigate and discover!

  • Praveen Kumar

    Awesome design… :)

  • DanD

    Looks very clean and has good flow. Much better than the ‘old’ site!

  • dghacker

    Like it, very clean and things are easy to find. The old site was pretty good but this one makes finding what I want really easy.

  • JimP

    Sigh. The jumbled mess typical of responsive design. All of these sites look the same these days. I think I’m getting old.

    • c0wfunk

      part of the ongoing pinterestification of the internet. Terrible.

  • ami

    Great New Design

  • DDA

    I have to say that the top and right borders on the big tiles on the homepage really get to me; it looks like it is some accident of CSS.

  • Anonymous

    Looks very slick. :)

  • fabinu ibidapo

    Cant download thd 3 other books. Help

  • Anonymous

    Looks perfectly intuitive..much better that the previous layout

  • Anonymous

    Clicked into the JavaScript section, started watching the video in the hero spot, after a minute or two, clicked on the “advanced” filter. The entire page reloaded interrupting the video. Left site.

  • Rubén

    The new design looks great.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. Fresh, clean, easy to navigate.

  • Anonymous

    great website, best regards

  • Tracy_Tra

    It’s gorgeous! (viewing in Chrome)

  • Gary Hunt

    awesome makeover, clean simple, EASY….. love it congrats

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely love the new site! Well done Sitepoint!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s very sleek and a lot easier to find what you want

  • Doug larkin

    Very nice I went to your site on my tablet and every thing went very smooth I like it very much and I will be back that is for sure.

  • Carlos Bisio

    Great work, very clean and concise, the information really stands out.

  • Will

    The treasure hunt idea to claim the free books is brilliant. In searching for the one I did not have, PHP Master, I discovered a mine of information I never knew was on the site.

  • Suda Prohaska

    Great new website, and I LOVE that everything is contained in one place! Easypeasy to get to!

  • Anonymous

    For me personally, I’m not a fan of the new “flat design,” nor of a rectangular grid of tiles. Also, I’m sure that you have books that don’t fit any of the topics in your new drop-down menu–how do I find such books? I’m sure, however, that having a responsive-design site is making your lives a lot easier!

  • ellisgl

    Simple and uncluttered.

  • RealD

    Good job guys at SitePoint! Beautiful and Easy to navigate.

  • JeanPaul Barrette

    Sitepoint’s new design is great on mobile and tablets

  • Marco

    Some pointers.

    1) Overall the site is great. Very pleased, specially how fast it is. No fancy stuff, just content. What we come here to read mostly.

    2) I do think, to keep your users on the site is to have some sort of navigation at the bottom of each article. Like back to the category or to show off some related article. It helps to maintain users on the site.

  • Eric J. Gruber

    Looks very nice. Excellent job.

  • Charley

    So… when do we get access to your framework? *wink* *wink*

  • Anonymous

    Simple and elegant design with nice color combination and a very good responsive menu :) I love it!

  • Paulo Campos

    Great redesign! I loved it!

  • Mike Bretherton

    Really liking the new design at first look. Nice job guys.

  • Albert Rothman

    Sounds good

  • Jim Young

    Everything looks and works great in every Web browser I tried (even IE Mobile)! Thank you for the free eBooks.

  • william

    Love the new design guys, congratulations to the team on the new designs!

  • Janell

    How do I stop these comments from coming into my inbox!? I tried to hit the “You can mute this conversation, but it didn’t work. HELP!

  • Charley

    stop spamming me sitepoint!!!

  • rabbits2

    Turn the f*ing comment emails OFF!

  • keithvb

    Great new site. I’d like, however, to be able to choose a list layout instead of grid for the articles

  • Philip Downer

    There’s no way to mute comments!

  • Luca

    Clean and flat design is the top now. Good!

  • Anonymous

    Looks fantastic

  • Alex

    who’s idea was it for the eight squares for each channel? That’s fab I really like it. Now let me go mouse arouund :) Hang on…why does this button say reply? Who am i replying to? The article or the previous commentator?

  • Cindy Merrill

    I love the bold, bright, colorful squares with the different topics on the home page. (At the top) Looks great on my phone too. Design wise, is there a reason that it isn’t carried over to all of the pages?

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be a problem with Muting email notifications of new comments. Please accept our apologies – we’ll work to get this fixed ASAP.

  • Emilio Chacoa

    The new redesign is clear, net and very easy to navigate, congratulations guys, I hope you will introduce more courses, such as maya, and different animation,

  • Ross Coe

    Awesome (overdue) redesign – well done ! Love emphasis on reading (over buy this,you need this, coming soon junk cluttering up some of the previous designs) – the web and the ‘model’ are slowly evolving to customer pull rather than marketing push – sitepoint is a great example of this evolution – nice that you’re doing something for the kids also – would encourage you to look beyond your domestic ‘market’ and also think of Latino kids

  • Gopal

    look good

  • Nicola

    Well, I found it very well organized, fast and responsive, I love it but… just one thing: the colored squares are nice on small devices, I don’t like them in my laptop screen…

  • Paul

    You guys keep sending me emails that say you’re giving 4 free books out. These are all the same books you gave me a year ago. It is a bit anoying to go through all the trouble to get the books just to find out that I already have them.

  • al

    Great job!

  • Sysx1000

    Very nice! And… Fast, intuitive. Love that

  • Cleomar

    Clean and objective. Very cool…

  • Anonymous

    The new design is great. :) However I think you didn’t add the apple icon. Wanted to add the site to my home screen on the iPhone but doesn’t look neat. Unless its just my phone

  • Anonymous

    Certainly looks good, and is very fast. However, it is not unique. This is in itself a design trend and one that marries well with RWD and flat design where branding is taking a back seat.

    Really, I could be at any of a zillion modern looking sites.

  • Kirk

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    1. I see only article headings. At least put some description or the first 50 words as description so we can preview the contents without clicking the heading.

    2. From the landing page, I clicked “More” then clicked an article at the bottom. After reading I wanted to go back to the Pinterest-style landing page, but I always get http://www.sitepoint.com/undefined/?block=2 404 error. 3 out of 3 I tried and got the same results.

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  • JoeP

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    The new layout is clean and pretty intuitive, so congratulations Sitepoint on a well thought out redesign.

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    So, your strategy is working! Thanks for the free e-books!

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    Do I think it is attractive, easy to use and appropriate for different sized devices – yes I do. Do I think the content and categorisation to be uptodate and capable of reflecting the modern trends in web design and development – no I don’t . In that respect you are, say, 5 years behind the times.

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    • Anonymous

      The number indicates how many comments already made on that paragraph. Click on it and you have the option to add your comment.

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    Thanks for such a great resource and for the books, but even after following every link in the article and filling out all the signup forms, I only received three of the four books. The one I didn’t receive was the book that mostly allured me to go through all these signup forms. I never received the PHP Master book. Is there anyway to get it as promised in the promo?

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    I would add a line break. Apart of that the design is pretty impressive. Good luck!

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    worked with chrome

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  • JuanRa

    nice, clan and content centered, i like it!! but… fyi, i’m using ann old laptop with Chrome 18.0.1025.151 (Build para desarrolladores 130497 Linux) Ubuntu 10.10, and texter does not render properly, side ads superimpose to article text, as well as inline text links; maybe it’s a known issue on this version but… just in case not!!

    • JuanRa

      clan = clean
      ann = an
      texter = text
      damn keyboard!!… sorry for the typos

  • William

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    I think the new flat design is great. Very clean UI, fast, good use of white spacing in the listing areas and excellent focus on the article content. Liking the in line comments idea. I’m happy its been decided to bring all the categories under one site make it easier to navigate.

    I feel the category boxes on the home page are too big and take up more vertical space than they should. You can bump them articles up higher and possibly list more on the first load, so I don’t have to push the load more button.

    On my screen when I first land on the home page, I see the first row of posts but its at the perfect height where it does not look like there is more content to scroll down to without looking at the scrollbar. This would be the down side of your neatly aligning boxes across the screen and with all the spacing this could happen on a good range of devices. I know its difficult to design for every screen but you can improve this my mixing up the listings vertically as well.

    *Annoying* thing right now is you have disabled the resizing of this comment box in the CSS making it difficult to write a decent size comment. Personally this should auto size the more rows I write or just let me be able to resize the box as usual. As a user this will make a better experience and won’t put me off from writing comments.

    Otherwise its looking excellent, keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Richard, thanks for your detailed response (like so many others – we’re totally chuffed with the response). Your first point is noted but we’re always going to have a situation where the display on some browsers/versions/screen sizes may mislead people into thinking there’s nothing further to explore. As you point out, even with some pretty sharp tech work it’s impossible for a site like SitePoint to be all thing to all people (although we’ll never stop trying to get as close as we possibly can). The default size of the comments box is under review right now. Your comments may well help us to refine that. So, thank you.

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    Wow. What a great job on the redesign. Like it a lot. Sitepoint has been a huge source of info for me and overall I think the new design will make things easier to find—and look pretty slick too. Things I like: the color+icon cues from topic to headlines to page; like the look of the comment system but…(see below); 3-col sub-page design; great use of icons in general. Things I don’t like: bootstrap slap (I’m getting tired of shades of gray and blue); colored menu boxes on home page carry a lot of visual weight, maybe squares or bars; comments drop down vertically making it hard to read more than a couple without scrolling; home page shows only headlines and I’d like a descriptive sentence; I don’t prefer four column design—like the look but info gets too cluttered for me. Final comment, great job all. Bet you had fun working it out.

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  • bart

    hmm … I was too quick … also now I am getting problems in google chrome … perhaps the site is a bit too much visited?

  • Courtney Miles

    Were do we report problems with the new site?

    Part 2 of the PHP Front Controller article has been cropped of all it’s content (http://www.sitepoint.com/front-controller-pattern-2/). I hope the content can be restored soon as the article was gold.

  • Richard Murnane

    The new design looks great. Very easy to use. I like it.

    Minor point on the responsive design, as viewed on Firefox (on HTC Incredible S phone, portrait orientation). I selected Mobile from the main menu: the first section (with Android graphic and Go button) is about 1/3 wider than the rest of the content. The text in the section however correctly wraps to the screen width.

  • Vick Castro

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    Sorry to have to be the one to report “epic fail.” To claim my book, I am shunted off to learnable, where no credentials are passed – kinda flies in the face of “those niche content areas have all returned back to SitePoint”; where I am only presented with monthly or annual payment options to sign up there. Hmm …

    To be fair, other site who’ve recently updated are no longer able to process queries from my ancient system here – Chromium 18.0.1025.151 (Developer Build 130497 Linux) Built on Ubuntu 10.10, running on LinuxMint 10

  • Mathew Porter

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    • Anonymous

      What links are those, Brian?

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  • 12suziecue


  • Suzanne

    Hunted and hunted but I cannot find the links either

  • Suzanne

    I also didn’t get the book when I gave you my email address.

  • Rob Clarke

    hi guys, how can I unsubscribe from getting everyone’s comments?

    • Anonymous

      Rob, the notification email has a link at the bottom to Mute future notifications of comments on that article.

  • andreas

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  • Anonymous

    It looks clean and very nice, but it added a few bugs in important places. Please take a look at the first code snippet in this article and you’ll understand the “horror”. :P


    The sample is now technically wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new design! It reveals content I was not aware was there :-)

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  • c0wfunk

    I’m probably in the minority but I hate the new design and the latest trend of turning the entire internet into a focusless pinterest like experience.