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50 Incredible Film and Theater Business Cards

Tara Hornor

The theater industry is very specific and much to my (pleasant) surprise has a very broad array of business card styles associated with it. I expected the designs to be like that of the real estate industry in terms of a fairly standardized look and feel. But, what I found was that this industry is clearly comfortable allowing their creativity on the screen or stage to bleed onto their business cards.

Notice how the various specific crafts within the film and theater business are represented in their card designs. Photographers include design elements to show their specific trade. Dancers and film crews do the same. My conclusion is that if you’re designing for a client in this industry, then you have a very open-ended project in front of you, so enjoy it and have some fun!

Costume Designer Lace Up

Media Production Consultant

Black Film Strip

Creative Actor Card

Blurred Lens Productions

Film Spring Blue

Hero Film


Feelme Crew

Hair Design for Film and Television

Wood Business Card

Film Investment Company





Sound Mixer



Film inFest


Meyer, Miller, Smith

Alisha Colwell: Cinematographer

Koji Mixtape Card

Retro TV

Show Ticket


Executive Producer

Cool Transparent card

Vintage Movie Tickets


Steve Spyburg

End of Movie Credits

Walt Disney’s Business Card

Pixar Movie Marketer Card

Stars Stylist

Talent Agent

Revolution Hollywood

Film Business Card

Character Designer

On Stage Card

Faux Pas Productions



Hollywood Backdrop

Mini Clapboard

Professional Actress


Costume Design

The Masterpiece Theater Group

Do you have any film or theater business cards to show off? Or did any of the above simply captivate you, or rather, were there any you purely disliked? I’d love to hear your thoughts!