5 Reasons Prospects Don’t Like Your Website

Miles Burke

You spend your waking hours preaching why businesses need great websites, so what does your website say about you?

Here’s five common reasons potential customers may be leaving your website without making an enquiry.

  1. Being buzzword heavy. I visited a designer’s website just recently, and after reading paragraphs of opening text, I really had little idea what they did. I’ve had 17 years web experience, too! Cut the buzzwords and speak plain English.
  2. Being unremarkable. What makes you stand out from the rest? Communicate that up front, and make your Unique Selling Point (USP) a big, bold front-page matter.
  3. Terrible design. It doesn’t matter if you are all about database schemas and never touch design work. If your website looks amateur, then so do you! Find a designer to help you out, and make your website shine.
  4. Having no credibility. Sure, you say you are the best, but we all know you’re biased. I want to see glowing client testimonials, and they need to be up front not hidden away in a hard-to-find page.
  5. No contact details. Yes, a web-based contact form is great, but that doesn’t boost your prospects’ confidence. They want to see a real phone number and a physical address. Not a post office box and a contact form.

Take a critical look at your website – is it suffering any of the above?

If so, fix it right now. You’re losing enquiries because of it.