5 jQuery Image Thumbnail Plugins

Impress your visitors and make your website’s navigation more intuitive! There are heaps of image thumbnail plugins out there but don’t know which one is the best? Well, with these 5 jQuery Image Thumbnail plugins, you might find one that suits you. Enjoy!


A gallery jQuery plugin, that displays thumbnails as Google images. You can navigate by moving the mouse, or using “Left” & “Right” arrows.

2. Scroller

A plugin for jQuery that allows display images in the form of round markers.

3. jQuery Thumbnail Trigger Plugin


> Chain-able, the image can use other plugin.
> Customize CSS3 driven animation, graceful degradation.
> Optional animation transition style, the animation can be one of shake bounce tada swing wobble wiggle pulse fadeIn bounceIn rotateIn and twirlIn.
> Optional thumbnail size and trigger behavior, click or hover.
jQuery Thumbnail Trigger

4. bxGallery

jQuery image gallery plugin that contains automatic thumbnail generation.
Source + Demo

5. Flow Slider jQuery Plugin

A JavaScript thumbnail slider. Flow Slider is customizable, skinnable, fashionable, and looks great on every site.
Flow Slider
Source + Demo