12+ jQuery Mobile Layout Plugins and Examples

Sam Deering
Sam Deering

Check out our compilation of 12 jQuery Mobile Layout and Examples. These plugins can help you create multiple and/or split views on your mobile page layout. These plugins will dynamically lays out the pages based on your device orientation. Have fun!

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1. JQM Multiview Plugin

Jquery Mobile plugin for panel layouts/views.
JQM Multiview Plugin

3. Jquery Mobile SplitView

SplitView dynamically lays out the pages based on your tablet’s (iPad, etc) orientation, as well as your desktop’s screen size. Try it out, resize your browser, or turn your iPad to see it in portrait and landscape modes!
Jquery Mobile SplitView

4. Multiview Plugin

This page is a multiview page containing 4 panels and 16 pages, which all were added to the DOM when loading the page (directly or from another JQM-page!).
Multiview Plugin

5. Multi-page (boiler) Template

This is a multi-page boilerplate template that you can copy to build your first jQuery Mobile page. This template contains multiple “page” containers inside, unlike a single page template that has just one page within it.
Multi-page (boiler) Template
Source + Demo

6. Multi-Page Template

This strategy can be used to prefetch multiple pages up front and achieve quicker response times when loading sub-pages.
Multi-Page Template
Source + Demo

7. jQuery Mobile Multiple Pages

In this tutorial I’ll will show you how built a simple mobile site with multiple pages. The multiple pages could be embedded in the same document or they could be in separate files.
jQuery Mobile Multiple Pages

8. 960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile

It merge the flexibility of 960.gs, and the ease of jquery mobile. It aims to bring more flexibility to jquery-mobile layout and thus make it easier to use on tablets.
960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile

9. Creating A Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile

In this screencast we are going to look at the jquerymobile.com source and grab the CSS that is created on the jQuery Mobile Docs to create the split view.
Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile
Source + Demo

10. jQuery Mobile and Dynamic Page Generation

This is great for applications that generate HTML pages/fragments on the server-side, but there are sometimes cases where an application needs to dynamically generate page content on the client-side from JSON or some other format.
jQuery Mobile and Dynamic Page Generation

11. Fixed toolbars

Toolbars that use the “fixedtoolbar” plugin will be fixed to the top or bottom of the viewport, while the page content scrolls freely in between. In browsers that don’t support fixed positioning, the toolbars will remain positioned in flow, at the top or bottom of the page.
Fixed toolbars
Source + Demo

12. app-UI

Is a collection of user interface components that may be helpful to web and mobile developers for creating interactive applications using HTML and JavaScript, especially those targeting mobile devices.

13. jquery-mobile – plugin: multiview

> fullscreen footer
> popovers: unlimited panels, each with JQM pages inside
> fullscreen-mode: on small screens popovers go fullscreen (resize your browser and reload the page)
> unbind from mobileinit to allow to have sites with both splitview and normal pages
jquery-mobile - plugin: multiview