10 jQuery Currency/Price Plugins

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Today we are sharing a compilation of 10 jQuery Currency/Price plugins that will let your visitors convert between currencies, show multiple currencies on your store front, sorting currencies and more.. Have fun! Updated 12/12/2013: Added 12. Numeral.js Updated 02/06/2013: Added 11. Curry.js Related posts:

1. jQuery Currency

Simple, unobtrusive currency converting and formatting.

jQuery Currency Source + Demo

2. GlobalMoneyInput

Is a jQuery plugin to provide an easy way to input money values. All you need is to include. You can apply a mask to input localized money data based on Microsoft’s jQuery Global plugin.

GlobalMoneyInput Source + Demo

3. Ajax Currency Converter with Google API

a currency converter from scratch, it pulls data from Google and displays the results using jQuery AJAX function.

Ajax Currency Converter Source Demo

4. jquery-formatcurrency

The formatCurrency function modifies the values or contents of a jQuery object set into a currency amount.

jquery-formatcurrency Source

5. jQuery Price Format

Is a plugin to format input text fields as prices. For example, if you type 123456, the plugin updates it to US$ 1,234.56. It is customizable, so you can use other prefixes and separators (for example, use it to get R$ 1.234,55).

jQuery Price Format Source + Demo

6. Currency Widget

jQuery plugin that lets your visitors convert between currencies. It uses themes from jQuery UI.

Currency Widget Source + Demo

7. autoNumeric()

Is a jQuery plugin that formats input fields with numeric strings, supporting most International numeric formats and currency symbols. It automatically places the thousand separators and currency symbol as you type.

autoNumeric() Source + Demo

8. How to Show Multiple Currencies

With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to show multiple currencies on your store front.

Show Multiple Currencies Source Demo

9. format currency using jquery plugin

In this tutorial you will learn how to format currency using jquery plugin jQuery Format Currency plugin 1.4.0 . Using this plugin you can easily do what you want without any need to write code.

format currency Source + Demo

10. jQuery-dataTables-Currency-Sorting-Plugin

This is a currency sorting plugin for dataTables

Currency-Sorting Source Demo

11. Curry.js

Curry is a self contained, (almost) self generated currency converter for many different currencies. curry Source + Demo

12. NumeralJS.js

A javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers. numerakl Source + Demo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about jQuery Currency/Price Plugins

What are the benefits of using jQuery Currency/Price Plugins?

jQuery Currency/Price Plugins are incredibly beneficial for developers. They allow for the easy formatting of numbers as currency strings, which can be a complex task if done manually. These plugins can automatically add commas, currency symbols, and decimal points, saving developers time and effort. They also ensure consistency across a website or application, providing a professional and polished look. Additionally, many of these plugins support internationalization, allowing for the display of different currency formats based on the user’s location.

How do I install a jQuery Currency/Price Plugin?

Installing a jQuery Currency/Price Plugin is typically straightforward. First, you need to download the plugin file, which is usually in .js format. Then, you include this file in your HTML document using the script tag. It’s important to note that the jQuery library must be included before the plugin file. Once the plugin file is included, you can use its functions as per the documentation provided by the plugin author.

Can I use jQuery Currency/Price Plugins with other JavaScript libraries?

Yes, jQuery plugins can generally be used alongside other JavaScript libraries. However, conflicts can sometimes occur. To avoid this, jQuery provides a noConflict method, which allows you to create a new alias for jQuery, preventing any clashes with other libraries.

How do I format numbers as currency strings using jQuery Currency/Price Plugins?

The exact method for formatting numbers as currency strings depends on the specific plugin you’re using. However, most plugins provide a function that you can call, passing in the number you want to format. This function then returns the formatted currency string. For example, with the accounting.js plugin, you can use the accounting.formatMoney function to format numbers as currency.

Can I customize the format of the currency string?

Yes, most jQuery Currency/Price Plugins allow for customization of the currency format. You can typically specify the currency symbol, decimal separator, thousands separator, and the number of decimal places. This allows you to tailor the currency format to your specific needs and preferences.

Are jQuery Currency/Price Plugins compatible with all browsers?

jQuery plugins are generally designed to be compatible with all modern web browsers. However, it’s always a good idea to check the plugin documentation for any specific browser compatibility issues.

How do I handle errors with jQuery Currency/Price Plugins?

If you encounter an error while using a jQuery Currency/Price Plugin, the first step is to check the console for any error messages. These messages can often provide clues as to what’s going wrong. If you’re still stuck, you can refer to the plugin documentation or seek help from the jQuery community.

Can I use jQuery Currency/Price Plugins in commercial projects?

Most jQuery plugins are open-source and can be used in both personal and commercial projects. However, it’s important to check the license of the specific plugin you’re using to ensure you comply with its terms.

How do I update a jQuery Currency/Price Plugin?

Updating a jQuery plugin usually involves downloading the latest version of the plugin file and replacing the old file in your project. However, it’s important to test the updated plugin thoroughly, as changes in the new version may affect its functionality in your project.

Can I contribute to the development of jQuery Currency/Price Plugins?

Yes, many jQuery plugins are open-source projects, meaning anyone can contribute to their development. If you’re interested in contributing, you can check the plugin’s repository for any contributing guidelines or contact the plugin author directly.

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