10 Informative JavaScript Resources and Tutorials

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A compilation of best informative JavaScript resources and tutorials you would definitely find helpful that we’ve gathered over the years. Enjoy!

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1. wtfjs

JavaScript is a language we love despite it giving us so much to hate. This is a collection of those very special irregularities, inconstancies and just plain painfully unintuitive moments for the language of the web.


Source + Demo

2. JavaScript Reference Examples (example source code)

JavaScript Reference examples, organized by Objects, Properties, Methods & Collections. Some Event Handlers Reference is also available.

JavaScript Reference Examples

Source + Demo

3. JavaScript Best Practices

Take the advice below to heart and keep it in a part of your brain that has a quick access route so you can apply it without thinking about it.

JavaScript Best Practices

Source + Demo

4. Park your Horse, Code Cowboy: Professional JavaScript Workflows, Part 1

In this series, we’ll talk about tools & techniques you can use to cover those No’s, and cut a lot of strife & embarrassment from your JavaScript experience.

Park your Horse

Source + Demo

5. Compare JavaScript Frameworks

In this article, you will discover how JavaScript frameworks make it easier and faster to create highly interactive and responsive Web sites and Web applications.

Compare JavaScript Frameworks

Source + Demo

6. Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language

This is a set of coding conventions and rules for use in JavaScript programming.

Code Conventions

Source + Demo

7. 10 Really Helpful Traversing Functions in jQuery

Selecting HTML elements with jQuery is laughably easy. But at times, we may wish to further refine the selection, which can be a hassle when the HTML structure is complicated. In this tutorial, we’ll explore ten ways that we can refine and extend a set of wrapped elements that we wish to operate upon.

Traversing Functions in jQuery

Source + Demo

8. Learning Advanced JavaScript

A very nice tutorial to learn JavaScript, containing code and discussion from the upcoming book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig.

Advanced JavaScript

Source + Demo

9. What You Need To Know About JavaScript Scope

This article discusses how JavaScript handles scope and how various JavaScript libraries provide methods for dealing with it and how they smooth out a few bumps.

JavaScript Scope

Source + Demo

10. Caffeinated Simpleton

JavaScript is an amazing little language, but it’s got some quirks that turn a lot of people off. One of those quirks is “this”, and how it’s not necessarily what you expect it to be. “this” isn’t that complicated, but there are very few explanations of how it works on the internet. This article is an attempt to explain how this works and how to use it properly.

Caffeinated Simpleton

Source + Demo

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