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By Joel Falconer

10 Awesome iOS App Icon Concepts

By Joel Falconer

Almost everyone with an iPhone or iPad spends a lot of time trying out new apps. Soon enough, your home screen is cluttered and most things you’ve installed go unused. It’s important for designers to get the design of their icons right so they look like they’re in the right environment while still cutting through the mass of apps and enticing the user to come back and try it out again — a fine line to walk. Here are ten iOS app concepts from the first few weeks of 2012 for your inspiration.

Vino by Matthew Koyak

Cocktail by Michael Flarup


Birdhouse Icon by Bas van der Ploeg

Surf Icon by Mikkel Aggerbo

Mobiles App by Isaac Stott

Calendar Icon by Zane David

Appleteiser by John Torres

Scalar iOS Icon by Stephane Reverdy

Business Card App Icon by Sarah Parmenter

Tunesmate App Icon by Zaewan Suh

  • Jim

    This is a great collection!

    I curate a gallery of great icon designs from the iOS ecosystem. Check it out at

  • Michael

    nice designs!

    …but I gave up on iOS! .. (for now anyway)

    I am NOT going to pay some stupid $100 fee or buy a new mac just to do an app .. I wont bother till they come to their senses!

    … but am considering maybe getting started on an android app now that owning a device running it is actually affordable!

  • Great Stuff!
    The second icon is my favourite one!
    So fresh and with so bright and warm colours…

    Hope to see other good examples :)

  • Just Love the Business card app icon – online meets offline in object/symbolic icon synergy!

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