Your client’s security, Red Hat and more

Blane Warrene

Personal Security
A great article by Corrado Cau is up at the Open Source Development Network that offers an easy to read primer that web developers could circulate to their clients on personal security.

An important point Cau brings up is that while online security is fairly proven in protecting e-commerce, it remains critical that your users scrutinize the privacy policies of the sites they seek to transact with, to insure confidential data about them is no shared in other ways outside of securing credit card and related information.

Red Hat Certified Architect
Red Hat has extended the levels of Linux certification offered in its training curriculum to include architecture for large enterprise organizations. This new certification, RHCA, is in addition to the Red Hat Certified Technician and Red Hat Certified Engineer tracks.

This can expand web developer’s capabilities by broadening the size of clients one can attract to include larger firms needing sophisticated hosting environments in addition to web design and development work.

The Tao of Mac
A peer of mine in Portugal is a wireless analyst for a GSM operator in Europe, and also happens to run one of my favorite tecnology blogs, The Tao of Mac. Rui’s coverage of course has a strong Apple theme, but includes significant coverage of open source and related technology of interest to designers and developers. Check out his Linux section.