Welcoming New Authors – May, June 2014

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Time flies, and two more months have gone by. Our channel is growing rapidly on all fronts – new authors, new posts, new readers, and we couldn’t be more proud. Together, we make one awesome community! From Drupal 7/8, continuous integration, search engines and message queues to HHVM, conferences, PHPNG, GDelt and so much more, our channel is constantly growing into an ever more wonderful repository of the most up to date news and tutorials relating to all things PHP.

New Authors

In this welcoming round, we’ve got eight newcomers, again with highly diverse backgrounds.

Martyn Hardy, United Kingdom

Martyn is an engineer from the UK with a deep interest in tools and techniques that improve coding practice on a personal and team level. In that spirit, he’s writing a big code quality series for us that’s due to be published in July. His debut article was about using the JSONSerializable interface. Martyn is a member of the PHP Mentoring initiative, so if you need a mentor, get in touch!

Danny Sipos, Belgium

Danny has, in the short time he’s been with us, become one of our most prolific authors. A Drupal expert from Belgium, Danny produces Drupal tutorials for us like there’s no tomorrow, and still manages to fuel his other passion projects (he also runs webomelette.com, a Drupal blog where he writes articles and tutorials about Drupal development, theming and site building) while keeping his regular job. His recent focus has been the imminent release of Drupal 8, and getting as many tutorials as possible about it out there to prepare the community for the new version.

His debut article introduced Views 3 but he’s been too active for me to even try and enumerate everything he’d written so far. Go ahead and check out his author profile.

Adrian Morutan, Romania

Adrian, a certified Magento developer from Romaina, debuted with a detailed explanation of Magento’s logic and flow – a dissection of the ins and outs of Magento, covering everything from what makes it tick to best practices for using and extending it. If you’ve ever wondered about Magento and are familiar with the complexities of other popular frameworks, there’s no better starting point out there.

Rajiv Seelam, India

Rajiv Seelam, a computer science engineer from India, specializes in Laravel and loves exploring other new technologies. He debuted with a thrilling series on combining Laravel and IronMQ, and will soon have a third part published – covering advanced use cases and the questions posed in the comments on the original two parts.

Reza Lavaryan, Iran

Reza, an enthusiastic veteran developer from Iran, believes everyone should learn something new every day, and I couldn’t agree more – lifelong learning is where it’s at. He wrote two pieces for us so far, both parts of a series on building a dynamic menu builder for Bootstrap – a class that lets you dynamically construct nested menus for your site, be it from a database, an XML file, or something else. The menu builder he constructs in the tutorials is actually the foundation of his laravel-menu, the same thing, but with even more functionality and adapted for use with Laravel. Check it out!

Tuan Anh Ho, Vietnam

Anh Ho, an OXID eShop expert from Vietnam and passionate Chrome App developer, greeted us with a tutorial series on exteding OXID eShop with an infinite-list module that lets the users see results in this trendy way instead of the standard pagination. Part one is out, and part two is coming this week!

Amit Gupta, India

Amit Gupta, a Java deserter from India, greeted us with a demystification of the Repository Design Pattern as his debut article. He’s an experienced web engineer and a very active Twitter user actively involved in day-to-day PHP happenings, and we can’t wait to see what else he’s got in store for us.

Join the ranks!

We’re always looking for more authors – and if you don’t know what you’d like to write about, let us know, we’ll help you out with that. Just get in touch via bruno.skvorc@sitepoint.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you’re looking for ways to follow us and keep track of our content, here are some resources:

Got suggestions for us? Specific content you’d like to see? Social networks we should be present on? Let us know – we’re open to all suggestions, and wouldn’t be the resource we are without the joint effort of our readers and writers!

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Bruno is a blockchain developer and technical educator at the Web3 Foundation, the foundation that's building the next generation of the free people's internet. He runs two newsletters you should subscribe to if you're interested in Web3.0: Dot Leap covers ecosystem and tech development of Web3, and NFT Review covers the evolution of the non-fungible token (digital collectibles) ecosystem inside this emerging new web. His current passion project is RMRK.app, the most advanced NFT system in the world, which allows NFTs to own other NFTs, NFTs to react to emotion, NFTs to be governed democratically, and NFTs to be multiple things at once.

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