Jasmine Elias, May 09

On Our Radar: Pair Programming, The Cloud, a UI for Your Nose

SitePoint community head Jasmine Elias shows off the best of the SitePoint forums for the week, including a look at nasal interfaces.
Jasmine Elias, May 03

On Our Radar: Exclusive Emails, PHP Digital Waste and Ipsums

Community Manager Jasmine Elias talks about exclusive emails, PHP frenzy, digital waste and ipsums.
Ophelie Lechat, Apr 28

May is Pair Learning Month on Learnable

May is Pair Learning Month on SitePoint: spend the next 30 days learning new skills with a friend.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 26

On Our Radar: Creativity, Mapping PHP and Color Keyboards

Community Manager Jasmine Elias talks all things PHP, mapping, color keyboards, javascript, wikipedia, .NET and building the perfect web dev computer.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 17

On Our Radar: Teaching and Learning from Web Devs

Jasmine Elias talks about e-learning and learning code for the first time. Something for every web dev, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
Craig Buckler, Apr 15

The 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Are you a self-taught developer under 30 using Notepad++ to write full-stack code? According to Stack Overflow, you probably are. Craig analyses the 2015 developer survey.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 10

On Our Radar: highlight.js, linux and pranks

Community Manager Jasmine Elias covers the latest on SitePoint Forums in "On Our Radar". The week with highlight.js, linux, form functions and PHP7.
Jasmine Elias, Mar 27

On Our Radar: Q&A, Experiments and the End of Browsers

Community manager Jasmine Elias takes a look at the pressing issues in our forums including JS, .NET, Microsoft, pair programming, browsers, mobile dev.
Adam Roberts, Mar 26

Learn Better and Show Off Easier, Thanks to Bluehost and SitePoint Premium

Adam Roberts outlines a great new deal from Bluehost and SitePoint Premium. Sign up for Bluehost's Starter plan for $3.50/month and get a year's free SitePoint Premium access.
Design & UX
Massimo Cassandro, Mar 23

Using Forms in Email: Method or Madness?

Email is an old technology that seems to be outgrowing it's plain text roots. But is it time for web forms in email?
Jasmine Elias, Mar 20

On Our Radar: Getting Started, Clean Code and the Next Wikipedia

Community Manager Jasmine surfaces the best discussions from our forums, including a look at keeping code clean, and an inside look at the next Wikipedia
Jasmine Elias, Mar 15

On Our Radar: Linting, Shelf-life, Sass and CSS3

Community manager Jasmine Elias takes a look at the pressing issues in our forums including Javascript Linting, digital shelf-life and legacy, Sass and CSS3
Jasmine Elias, Mar 06

On Our Radar: Burnout, Picky Browsers and Is Sitting Deadly?

Community manager Jasmine Elias takes a look at the pressing issues in our forums, including burnout, sitting vs standing, and picky browsers.
Shaumik Daityari, Mar 06

Google Summer of Code in 10 Minutes: A Crash Course

Shaumik takes a look at how to get ahead in Google's annual Summer of Code event.
Erica Wass, Feb 22

Meet SitePoint’s New Editorial & Educational Advisory Board

Erica introduces a new initiative: A SitePoint and Learnable advisory board, made up of top designers and developers in the community.
Una Kravets, Feb 19

On Code and Community

Una Kravets discusses the benefits of creating a community around open source software like Sass.
Ophelie Lechat, Feb 08

SitePoint's 2015 Survey: The Results

What were the most-requested topics on SitePoint this year? Find out in our survey results.
Paul Wilkins, Jan 30

On Our Radar This Week: Bees with Machine Guns

Paul Wilkins with On Our Radar, our weekly round-up of news, trends and other cool stuff from the world of web development.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jan 28

When Bad Software Kills

Writing software can seem cool and abstracted until you realise the impact your code can have. Therac-25 was a tragic example of how bad code hurts people.
Alex Walker, Jan 09

Tarantino, Newspapers and Antisocial Behavior

While technological brings inevitable negatives, sometimes we're too quick to romanticize the times 'before tech made us antisocial'.
Ophelie Lechat, Jan 07

[Closed] Fill Out Our 2015 Survey, Enter to Win an iPad Air!

Enter our 2015 survey and help us tailor our content to your interests. You could also win an iPad Air!
Design & UX
Ada Ivanoff, Jan 07

3 Painfully Public Site Redesign Disasters

While it's easy to snicker at big site redesign disasters, the most useful thing is to try to figure out where it all went wrong -- and why.
Tom Trumble, Dec 04

Get Penguinning and Win an Annual Learnable Membership!

Win 1 of 5 Annual Learnable Memberships by creating a penguin-related meme! Penguin puns are welcome, waddle you come up with? #penguinning
Ophelie Lechat, Dec 02

Get Two Years of Learnable and Help The Penguin Foundation

The SitePoint team loves innovative solutions to real-world problems. That's why we were so impressed by the Penguin Foundation's idea of using magnets to clean toxic oil from bird feathers — it's an elegant use of technology, replacing manual scrubbing with grease-cutting detergent, and it can save thousands of birds in the event of a tragic oil spill. We're not the only ones to be won over by this story: The project was a finalist in Google's Impact Challenge Australia. We're thrilled to partner with the Penguin Foundation to kick off our annual SitePoint Christmas Sale. We're offering an exclusive two-year membership to Learnable, our learning platform, for $144 — and we'll be making a donation to the Penguin Foundation that includes $75 for each two-year membership purchase. A two-year Learnable membership gives you access (and unlimited downloads!) to all SitePoint books and Learnable course, including Russ Weakley's CSS Troubleshooting, our brand-new edition of Darren Jones's JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, and our five-star-reviewed Introduction to JQuery, taught by Sachin Bhatnagar. We have already raised over $10,000 for the Penguin Foundation. If you'd like to help us take that even further, click here to buy your two-year Learnable membership!