Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jul 22

Dots, Dashes and Dudes Behaving Badly

New technologies have a way of shaking up the status quo and there's usually someone not happy about it.
Simon Julian, Jul 20

Big News: Introducing SitePoint Premium

Today, we’re proud to announce SitePoint Premium, a membership subscription for web developers.
Adam Roberts, Jul 08

Versioning: Behind the Scenes

Versioning editor Adam Roberts explains how the project went from an idea, to a popular email newsletter, to a new curation community.
Jasmine Elias, Jul 04

On Our Radar: Time, Responsive Design and Misplaced Commas

If you're happy and you know it, syntax error! In a week of misplaced semicolons and forgotten commas, we had a lot to talk about.
Jasmine Elias, Jun 26

On Our Radar: How Smartphones Have Changed Us

Responsive web design, ad-blockers, tracking visitors with cookies, and other popular posts from SitePoint's forums.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jun 24

How LEGO Made a Problem Worse by 'Gamifying' it

Gamification can be a great way to engage a user base. But sometimes it can accidently work against you – as LEGO found out.
Jasmine Elias, Jun 22

People's Choice: Pick Your Top Books For Our #CodeTrip

Web devs, it's our time to shine. Pick your Top 3 books and soon we'll have the best deal of all time for GPS, the Great Public Selections Bundle, coming soon to a computer screen near you.
Jasmine Elias, Jun 19

On Our Radar: Search, CSS Sliders, Reusable Code, and Responsive Sites

Jasmine Elias, Jun 12

On Our Radar: Preprocessors, Taskbars, and Board Games

This week, we discovered a fun drinking game for web devs. 1. think of a noun. 2. google "noun.js". 3. if it exists, drink.
Jasmine Elias, Jun 11

It's Competition Time! Post in June, and Win Big!

"OMG I love competitions!" I hear you say. Of course you do, who doesn't like a good win? During the month of June, you can win prize packs just for posting
Jasmine Elias, Jun 05

On Our Radar: Show Us Your Library, and Other Ways to Win!

With the possible exception of tequila, a computer can make more fasters faster than any other invention in human history.
Jasmine Elias, Jun 04

Show us your books, #UpgradeMyLibrary

Web developers, the hottest and easiest competition is on. Share a photo of your old programming books to win a set of modern books.
Jasmine Elias, May 29

On Our Radar: June Competition, Titles, Tables and Robots

It's competition time! Post in the forums in June and you can win a whole bunch of swag.
Rey Bango, May 28

Measuring Success in Developer Relations

Microsoft's Rey Bango explains how to win the hearts and minds of developers.
Jasmine Elias, May 25

On Our Radar: Responsive Images Are Trolling Us All

We examine the responsive images phenomenon, as well as the latest news on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and .NET.
Jasmine Elias, May 16

On Our Radar: Image height/width and The Internet of Things

This week's On Our Radar focuses on the latest forum discussion on image height and width, the internet of things, javascript, .net, drupal and more.
Jasmine Elias, May 09

On Our Radar: Pair Programming, The Cloud, a UI for Your Nose

SitePoint community head Jasmine Elias shows off the best of the SitePoint forums for the week, including a look at nasal interfaces.
Jasmine Elias, May 03

On Our Radar: Exclusive Emails, PHP Digital Waste and Ipsums

Community Manager Jasmine Elias talks about exclusive emails, PHP frenzy, digital waste and ipsums.
Ophelie Lechat, Apr 28

May is Pair Learning Month on Learnable

May is Pair Learning Month on SitePoint: spend the next 30 days learning new skills with a friend.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 26

On Our Radar: Creativity, Mapping PHP and Color Keyboards

Community Manager Jasmine Elias talks all things PHP, mapping, color keyboards, javascript, wikipedia, .NET and building the perfect web dev computer.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 17

On Our Radar: Teaching and Learning from Web Devs

Jasmine Elias talks about e-learning and learning code for the first time. Something for every web dev, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
Craig Buckler, Apr 15

The 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Are you a self-taught developer under 30 using Notepad++ to write full-stack code? According to Stack Overflow, you probably are. Craig analyses the 2015 developer survey.
Jasmine Elias, Apr 10

On Our Radar: highlight.js, linux and pranks

Community Manager Jasmine Elias covers the latest on SitePoint Forums in "On Our Radar". The week with highlight.js, linux, form functions and PHP7.
Jasmine Elias, Mar 27

On Our Radar: Q&A, Experiments and the End of Browsers

Community manager Jasmine Elias takes a look at the pressing issues in our forums including JS, .NET, Microsoft, pair programming, browsers, mobile dev.