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Using Brackets Like a Web Pro

By Lisa Catalano



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Anyone who writes code needs a code editor that enhances the experience of developing software. Brackets is a code editor with some unique features that make it well suited to front-end development. Here’s an overview of one of my must-have favourite tools.

This video describes those special features and also highlights a few of the powerful code editing features developers expect in a code editor. This is one of the videos available in my new course for Learnable, The Developer’s Toolbox.

We know that developers love to make their favourite tools a bit easier to use and to discover new tools to save time and effort on all sorts of projects.

The Developer’s Toolbox is a place to learn more about a variety of tools and get some tips and tricks along the way.

Lisa has been creating web-sites for almost 6 years and currently working on creating a large enterprise web application using Backbone and Marionette. On the side Lisa also likes to create courses related to web development and design.

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