Using Brackets Like a Web Pro

By Lisa Catalano

Anyone who writes code needs a code editor that enhances the experience of developing software. Brackets is a code editor with some unique features that make it well suited to front-end development. Here’s an overview of one of my must-have favourite tools.

This video describes those special features and also highlights a few of the powerful code editing features developers expect in a code editor. This is one of the videos available in my new course for Learnable, The Developer’s Toolbox.

We know that developers love to make their favourite tools a bit easier to use and to discover new tools to save time and effort on all sorts of projects.

The Developer’s Toolbox is a place to learn more about a variety of tools and get some tips and tricks along the way.

  • Nice video. I’m more of a vim person. I use brackets from time to time but I must admit that your video inspired me to use it more often. Thank you.

  • TroyBatty

    Looks nice – think I will take it for a spin. And now I understand the benefit of multiple cursors (seen them referenced as a feature in other editors before, but didn’t quite get it)

  • Bushwazi

    Can you use Quick Edit with any of the css pre-processors (via sourcemaps or something)? Does Live Preview work with anything other than HTML?

    • No I think this Live preview only work with HTML files. I tried with my rails website and it didn’t work.

  • Fernando Claussen

    Hmm… very promissing… live preview need some work when using php includes and quick edit with sass.

    Hoping to see these in future releases soon.

    thanks for the video. I did just what you said. I downloaded it earlier when quick edit was just begining and unistalled. I’ll start using it more often now.

  • scott

    I’d use this if it supported LESS. Looks like it’s come along way since I first tried it out, I look forward to seeing how it develops.

  • Michael


    You had me at the 3 min mark.
    At least from the standpoint of downloading and taking it for a spin. I’ll give it a side-by-side to Sublime3.

    Thanks for that video Lisa.

    Cheers from Southwest Ohio,


  • nvrau

    Does live-preview work with Firefox yet or are we still stuck with Chrome?

    • The “experimental preview” options seems to work with Firefox, it gets stuck sometimes, but a reload fixes that. Needs more work on that feature IMO

  • bressonnemesis

    I’ll join the chorus. Absent live edit and preview for SASS, LESS or Stylus, the feature is dead on arrival. If Brackets could live edit and preview SASS, LESS or Stylus, it would be the killer feature which prompts me to flip SBT 3 for Brackets.

  • Carl Miller

    Hello I am an artist learning to build my own web site and this video was vary cool, as I have used brackets for only a few weeks and didn’t know all the cool stuff it could do.

    I have been looking for a good code linter for bootstrap like the one in Atom, but I have not been able to find one.

    Any advise would be most welcome.

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