Understanding the :empty Pseudo-Class (Screencast)

    Russ Weakley

    Exploring and understanding the uses of CSS selectors could lead you down a long and confusing road. You can learn to overcome your fears and thoroughly understand different CSS selectors and their uses. Watch as I demonstrate one relatively new selector, the :empty pseudo-class.

    [youtube eTbHAkVSWvI]

    This is one lesson from my latest course, CSS Selectors 2: Targeting HTML Like a Pro. Advanced selectors allow you to target different elements in an amazing variety of ways. By completing my course, you’ll gain a detailed knowledge of a range of different selectors including the :lang pseudo-class, attribute selectors, and structural pseudo-classes. With each selector you’ll learn the correct syntax, how it works and the browser support. Each aspect of the course includes detailed slides and hands-on exercises.

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