Two professionals in initial phone screen and why one came up short

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Here is a quick case study that shows the importance of how you handle yourself at all times. It involves attorneys, but applies equally well to web designers.

Yesterday I had a few copyright questions and called some local attorneys for assistance. The first was not available, so I left a message.

The second came to the phone. However, he was gruff. I asked him if I could tell him my situation and get his advice. He said, “Just be brief.” I was brief, and yet he still sounded annoyed at me throughout the call, as if I had bothered him.

The first attorney called me back soon after. He was friendly and enthusiastic. I liked him.

Guess who I’m hiring?

The same applies to web design/development professionals. There is a wide variety in voice tone, enthusiasm, and basic courtesy/phone skills.

It always amazes me how professionals make the dumbest mistakes in building new client relationships. (As you can tell if you read this blog, there is no shortage of highly skilled and educated professionals who constantly get in their own way when it comes to client service and marketing).

Ask a few of your friends these questions:

1. How do you come across on the phone?

2. Is your voice tone pleasant and enthusiastic, without being inauthentic?

3. Do you come across as a confident professional on the phone?

4. Do you make prospects feel at ease, and try to build rapport with them?


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