15 Highly Effective Twitter Brand Bios

Aja Frost
Aja Frost

Crafting a great Twitter bio for your brand is really hard.

After all, you have to convey what your company does, why people should follow you, and what kind of tweets your followers can expect—plus infuse it with your brand’s personality and voice, so that your audience feels a personal connection to your company.

And for all that, you’ve got just 160 characters.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most impressive brand Twitter bios. They range from inspirational to humorous to thought-provoking.

1. Vox

Vox’s bio is short and sweet, and for good reason: the publication’s target audience is 25 to 34-year-old digital natives who want their information delivered quickly and clearly.

The bio is even more effective because it’s a call-to-action and appeals to one’s sense of pride. Who doesn’t want to understand the news?

Ultimately, in just three words, Vox has created a bio that appeals to millennials, attracts followers, and reinforces its brand promise.

2. Starbucks

One of this corporation’s greatest coups has been positioning itself as a local, community-oriented business—even though it’s got more than 21,000 locations in 65 countries.

By describing its purpose as in lofty terms and emphasizing the “one drink at a time” aspect of its business, Starbucks reinforces this “local” theme. Its Twitter bio is a great example of consistent branding.


IHOP has gotten a lot of attention for its Twitter account, thanks to a hip, youthful voice that really resonates among millennials.

At first glance, the pancake chain’s Twitter bio might seem a little random; however, iHop’s bio is just as strategic as its tweets. The heart emoji shows off IHOP’s cultural literacy, while directly addressing the reader underscores the “we’re your cool friend” vibe.

4. JetBlue

JetBlue’s bio is peppy, pleasant, and service-oriented. In other words, it’s perfectly in line with JetBlue’s core values.

The first line makes you smile, the second calls out JetBlue’s products, and the third directs customer service inquiries to the appropriate channels. Well-done, JetBlue.

5. Chanel

Not many brands are lucky enough to have a famous quote that perfectly summarizes their heritage, classiness, and iconicism. So if you’ve got one, you better use it.

This quote also motivates you to become a Chanel customer, or if you already are one, continue buying Chanel products. It implies that, by doing so, you’re joining an exclusive group of eternally stylish people. Pretty effective.

6. Coachella

We love how unexpected this description is. Can you imagine Bank of America saying, “I am a banking company” or McDonalds saying, “I am a global fast food chain”? By being a little weird and referring to “itself” in the first person, Coachella lives up to its reputation as unique and a little crazy.

7. Tesla

The newest Tesla model has a button called “Insane Mode,” so the first line of its bio is both a reference to the company’s constant innovation and an inside joke with its customers. The great opening is followed by a great summary of Tesla’s products and a fun rallying cry.

8. Evernote

This bio makes you feel good about being an Evernote user—after all, it’s implying you use the product because you have important things to do. It also gives you a very specific reason to follow the account: You’ll get advice on how to be even more productive.

9. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has often been criticized for being too uptight— not to mention robotic, un-relatable, and cold. Which is why her Twitter bio is so genius.

It begins with her three most “warm and fuzzy” roles (wife, mom, and grandma), then lists her professional positions. The references to her pantsuit and hairdo remind you she’s a cultural icon while also showing you she can laugh at herself.

10. Salesforce

Salesforce might not have the most creative Twitter bio, but it is super effective. It manages to advertise both why you should use its product and follow its Twitter account. In addition, you learn valuable info about how to get a hold of a service rep.

11. WeWork

WeWork is an office rental company that was recently valued at $10 billion. Its one-line explanation brilliantly sums up what WeWork offers while highlighting how those same products will improve your life. WeWork is essentially saying, “Sure, other companies help you make money, but we help you do what you love.”

12. Victoria’s Secret

This bio isn’t subtle—but then again, neither is the Victoria’s Secret brand. By grouping its followers with Angels and Bombshells, plus calling them “the sexiest followers on Twitter,” VS makes them feel like they’re in a privileged, slightly naughty group. If you read the bio and don’t follow, it’s as though you’re admitting you’re not sexy.

13. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox has a PR problem: It’s an email platform designed by Gmail and backed by Gmail… but it’s not actually Gmail. This bio does a good job of explaining that Inbox and Gmail are different while still taking advantage of the Gmail name. Bonus points for the creative use of Twitter’s location feature.

14. GrubHub

GrubHub has been trying to capture the younger audience for a while (and its consistent growth suggests the company has been successful). Its casual, no-BS voice will win over young adults; plus, the theme—we won’t waste your time—reflects how convenient and quick it is to use GrubHub.

15. General Electric

It’s hard to market GE in the traditional sense because the company is involved in a ton of sectors, from aviation and appliances to healthcare and energy.

So in its bio, the corporation doesn’t try to list every one of its segments—or even the most important. Instead, it pulls the inspirational card, elevating its operations to a humanitarian mission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Twitter Bios

What are some unique ideas for a Twitter bio?

A unique Twitter bio can be a combination of your personal and professional attributes. It can include your job title, hobbies, achievements, or even a favorite quote. You can also use emojis to add a fun element. The key is to keep it concise yet informative. Remember, your bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile, so make it count!

How can I make my Twitter bio stand out?

To make your Twitter bio stand out, use keywords related to your industry or interests. This will make your profile more searchable. You can also use hashtags, but don’t overdo it. A touch of humor or a personal fact can also make your bio more engaging.

Can I include links in my Twitter bio?

Yes, you can include a link in your Twitter bio. This could be a link to your website, blog, or another social media profile. It’s a great way to direct your followers to other platforms where they can learn more about you or your business.

How often should I update my Twitter bio?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should update your Twitter bio. However, it’s a good idea to keep it updated with any significant changes in your professional life, such as a new job or achievement. You can also change it to reflect current trends or events.

What should I avoid in my Twitter bio?

Avoid using too many buzzwords or jargon in your Twitter bio. It’s also best to steer clear of controversial topics unless they are relevant to your brand or persona. Remember, your bio should reflect who you are and what you do in a clear and concise manner.

Can I use humor in my Twitter bio?

Absolutely! A touch of humor can make your Twitter bio more engaging and memorable. However, make sure the humor is appropriate and aligns with your personal or brand image.

How can I use my Twitter bio to attract more followers?

To attract more followers, make sure your Twitter bio is clear, concise, and informative. Use keywords related to your interests or industry, and include a call-to-action, such as asking people to follow you or check out your blog.

Can I use emojis in my Twitter bio?

Yes, you can use emojis in your Twitter bio. They can add a fun element and help convey your personality. However, make sure they are relevant and don’t overdo it.

Should I include my location in my Twitter bio?

Including your location in your Twitter bio can be helpful, especially if you’re a local business or if your location is relevant to your brand or persona. However, if you’re concerned about privacy, you may choose to leave it out.

Can I include a call-to-action in my Twitter bio?

Yes, including a call-to-action in your Twitter bio is a great way to engage your followers. This could be asking them to check out your latest blog post, sign up for your newsletter, or follow you on other social media platforms.