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Top 5 Date Manipulation JS Plugins

Sam Deering

As you may know the built-in Date and Time methods in JavaScript are pretty basic. Sure, one can code his or her own JavaScript Date Manipulation Library but why reinvent the wheel when we can easily obtain well-developed and tested JavaScript date manipulation plugins. Just like the following below! Enjoy!

1. XDate

It is a thin wrapper around JavaScript’s native Date object that provides enhanced functionality for parsing, formatting, and manipulating dates. It implements the same methods as the native Date, so it should seem very familiar.


Source + Demo

2. DP Date Extension

A library extends the JavaScript Date object with new features and functionality.

DP Date Extension

Source Demo

3. JavaScript Pretty Date

A simple way to format old JavaScript dates in a “pretty” way. For example “2008-01-28T20:24:17Z” becomes “2 hours ago”.

JavaScript Pretty Date

Source Demo

4. Moment.js

A lightweight (3.7k) javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates.


Source + Demo

5. Countdown JS

A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive description of the timespan between two Date instances.

Countdown JS

Source Demo