The Word on the Street This Week

By Sarah Hawk

Welcome to my weekly round-up of all things community. It’s been another crazy week round the place, and the highlight for me was this morning’s Talk With The Experts session. The subject was responsive design and the expert was my good friend Craig Sharkie. If you missed out on the live chat but are interested in what went down, here is a transcript. Next up in the series we have HTML5, the details of which I’ll be announcing this week.

Second up on my agenda (and only because it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while) is this comment on a blog post by John Tabita entitled  Website Design: Valued Service or Just Another Commodity. I’m sorely disappointed that I can’t credit someone with this clever tidbit, but it was Anonymous.
My most popular Facebook post of the week (with 235 likes!) is this hilarious outcome of an interesting set of delivery instructions that our Online Editor Aaron gave to our weekly wine delivery guy.

My weekly caption competition (from this day forward to be known as Caption This!) drew a disappointing number of entries, never-the-less they were entertaining enough. The image was one I snapped whist working in my mobile office (otherwise known as Lollipops Playland – I have three year old twins). In good news, the lack of entries was no reflection on the quality, as you can see here.

My last item for the week comes from the forums. Check out these amazing photos of a recent Tanzania trip taken by Raffles. Here is a teaser…

  • I think its hilarious that people think they can have a successful e-Commerce website with a 14 year old and a scanner. I guess that all those pre-made e-Commerce templates give people the wrong idea as to how difficult it really is to run one of them and be successful.

    • Haha, agreed. Still, it made me laugh.

  • I get lots of business from people who thought they’d get a decent website for less than £100, and found out it was totally unsuitable for their business. Long may they continue to get their friends’ children to build their first website :D

  • Fred B

    I’ve had a number of clients over the years who have dispensed with my “expensive” services to give the job to their 16 year old neighbour, or give the job to a friend of a friend who breeds cats but can also build cheap Web sites.

    It seems that everyone knows someone like that 14 year old with a scanner!

    I’m dealing with someone at the moment who had someone build them an e-commerce site using a popular CMS with a shopping cart plug-in. The lady is wondering why her e-commerce system doesn’t look professional and isn’t working for her.

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