The Week in ColdFusion: Railo Open Source

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Lots of news in open source this week! I sneaked in news last week of the Railo open source announcement. There’s been a lot of discussion and it seems that the move is seen, in general, as a very positive one.

There has also been some controversy. Vince Bonfanti posted an announcement for New Atlanta’s CFML to Java and CFML to .NET migration services, which referred to ColdFusion applications as “legacy”. Sean Corfield posted a scathing attack titled “New Atlanta calls you legacy”, a title which was later changed to “New Atlanta offers ColdFusion to .NET/Java migration assistance”  after Vince changed his wording to be more neutral. It seems this incident sparked some debate on the Open Blue Dragon steering committee mailing list, leading to Sean stepping down from his position on that committee. Mark Drew has also stepped down, although that appears to be an earlier decision and he states that it’s because of a lack of resources. It would seem that the initial skepticism about New Atlanta and Open BlueDragon’s motivations from some sectors of the CF community was not unfounded.


Brian Kotek stirred up a bit of a debate with his post Don’t Comment Your Code – calling for developers to refactor code to be clearer and simpler, rather than slapping explanatory comments on complicated sections. Ben Nadel responded with Not Commenting And The Tipping Point Of Poor Programming – positing that it’s dangerous for “thought leaders” or advanced programmers like Brian to make such sweeping claims, when most developers are not able to code to a high enough standard to follow his advice. Both posts make excellent points, and both have sparked long debates in their respective comments!

Other Bits and Pieces

I’m writing this post on the plane back from WebDU 2008 in Sydney. The conference was very interesting as well as exhausting and a lot of fun, and I’ll have Day 1 and Day 2 reports up soon.

As always, if you have any tips for me, email kay at smoljak dot com, tag your links with for:kay.smoljak or leave a comment.

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