The power of FLOW

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I’ll be on a Walt Disney Cruise all of next week, without the ability to blog. So let’s make this week about you, instead of about this blog.

I’d like you to post your experiences with the power of flow.

Flow refers to how many business opportunities come to you every day. This was an important concept in career management courses in business school. The idea is to have a network of contacts and work opportunities that brings more opportunities your way. Successful people seem to always have their pulse on a new opportunity. They are like fishermen on the banks of a river, standing there while the water and fish flow by them for them to pick.

There are lots of ways to increase flow”

– Get visible in your community, especially with high powered people

– Convince a successful person to mentor you

– Get work with a growing, dynamic company

– Get networked into to others with flow, typically bankers, investors, venture capitalists, business lawyers, certain accountants, etc.

– Write and speak — become a sought-after expert.

– Build a network such that you have at least 10 people bringing you at least 1 lead per month.

So, during the next week, please fill this blog with posts about your positive experiences and challenges with this concept of flow.

– What’s your best source of flow right now?

– What will you do to increase your flow?

– What are some success stories you can share?

– What are some challenges you face?

Have a great week.

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