Some IDE news

    Kevin Yank

    Looks like it’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) season again…

    Eclipse 3.1 is just around the corner with the first release candidate (RC1) now available for download. Support for Java 5.0 is the biggest thing on the list that I like, though support for Ant 1.6 is nice too. It might be time for me to give this thing a try…

    NetBeans 4.1 is now out, and is getting some requisite post-release buzz from Sun. This free IDE that forms the foundation of Sun’s Java Studio Creator and Java Studio Enterprise IDEs now provides its own support for Web development with J2EE 1.4 support, and mobile development for MIDP-capable devices. NetBeans was the subject of a live chat hosted by Sun in May. The transcript is now available for more casual perusal.

    JBuilder continues to hype its use of Eclipse as the foundation for future versions. In its just-announced product roadmap, Borland announced that JBuilder 2006 will ship before the end of the year with expanded team development features, such as shared code views and debugging sessions. The much-hyped “Eclipsed” version of JBuilder will ship next year, and is codenamed “Peloton”.

    IntelliJ IDEA isn’t standing still either. JetBrains is offering free upgrades to version 5.0 when it is released to anyone who will have bought version 4.5 after May 1st. As always, early access versions of IntelliJ IDEA are free to use up until release.

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