Running Apache on Windows

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The Apache web server is gaining new momentum in 2005 after Netcraft reported them relatively flat in market share last year. The February web server survey shows them gaining a bit more than a percentage point year to date. While that may seem low – this is a survey in which more than 59
million servers were queried.

While many users come to Apache on a Unix-flavored operating system, the number of newcomers exploring Apache first on Windows is rising. No clear hard stats exist for this – but forum questions would suggest it.

I was introduced to Apache in 1997 when I built my first Red Hat system. It was not until 2002 that I built Apache on anything other than a Linux/Unix platform. As a February wrap-up – I have assembled several of the Apache on Windows links that have been sent along to me over time. I must admit the numerous servers I manage are exclusively either running Apache on Linux or OS X at this point – however I do count a Windows 2000 Advanced Server among my development machines running Apache 2.x.

I would welcome additional links to this list!

Apache, MySQL and others on Windows:

From the Source

The place to start: Apache Software Foundation

Tomcat on Windows from Apache

MySQL and Windows from

PHP and Apache on Windows from

Using ActiveState Perl on Windows with Apache

Third Party Binaries

Pre-compiled LAMP for Windows (and Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris):

WAMPserver brings Apache 1.3.x, MySQL 4.x and PHP 4/5 along with some other useful tools to Windows

Helpful Docs

SSL and Apache2 on Windows 2003 Server

A fork of the above for less than 2003 Server

Using dynamic dns to host a web site behind a broadband router over your personal ISP connection

Hosting Apache on Cygwin – emulating Unix on Windows instead of using native Apache on Windows (not sure why this would be needed – but there are always special circumstances)

Apache and Tomcat on Windows XP/2000 Pro How To

Configuration Tools

While I prefer configure Apache manually, which offers the most control, or to use open source solutions, I did want to mention this shareware ($75)
Apache configuration control for Windows users

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