Running Apache on Windows

By Blane Warrene

The Apache web server is gaining new momentum in 2005 after Netcraft reported them relatively flat in market share last year. The February web server survey shows them gaining a bit more than a percentage point year to date. While that may seem low – this is a survey in which more than 59
million servers were queried.

While many users come to Apache on a Unix-flavored operating system, the number of newcomers exploring Apache first on Windows is rising. No clear hard stats exist for this – but forum questions would suggest it.

I was introduced to Apache in 1997 when I built my first Red Hat system. It was not until 2002 that I built Apache on anything other than a Linux/Unix platform. As a February wrap-up – I have assembled several of the Apache on Windows links that have been sent along to me over time. I must admit the numerous servers I manage are exclusively either running Apache on Linux or OS X at this point – however I do count a Windows 2000 Advanced Server among my development machines running Apache 2.x.

I would welcome additional links to this list!

Apache, MySQL and others on Windows:

From the Source

The place to start: Apache Software Foundation

Tomcat on Windows from Apache

MySQL and Windows from

PHP and Apache on Windows from

Using ActiveState Perl on Windows with Apache

Third Party Binaries

Pre-compiled LAMP for Windows (and Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris):

WAMPserver brings Apache 1.3.x, MySQL 4.x and PHP 4/5 along with some other useful tools to Windows

Helpful Docs

SSL and Apache2 on Windows 2003 Server

A fork of the above for less than 2003 Server

Using dynamic dns to host a web site behind a broadband router over your personal ISP connection

Hosting Apache on Cygwin – emulating Unix on Windows instead of using native Apache on Windows (not sure why this would be needed – but there are always special circumstances)

Apache and Tomcat on Windows XP/2000 Pro How To

Configuration Tools

While I prefer configure Apache manually, which offers the most control, or to use open source solutions, I did want to mention this shareware ($75)
Apache configuration control for Windows users

  • Markus

    I prefer XAMPP from

  • I wrote about how I set up WAMP server – albeit an internal testing one (and therefore I didn’t deal with any security issues) – but this worked for me:

  • marios

    It is worth noting here that having an Apache running on windows is something completely different,then on nix like platforms.
    The Xampp package is quitte good,since it comes along with Apache 2 which should be considered standard.
    It can be launched as a service,and swithing it on and off si just a click away.It comes with a bunch of binary modules which you can turn on and off.
    You can swich back and forth between PHP4 and PHP5 with a batch file.(That’s good for testing things)
    I have a small problem though.The PHP4 branch is version 4.3.10 and I want it to be 4.3.3
    How XAMPP’s PHP versions can be upgraded i still don’t know


  • Gongzo

    Hi, I am planning to implement the Apache webserver to serve a mission critical and heavy submission processing system through the web. Please advice if the Apache webserver is suitable for this purpose and what are the largest file format that it can support. Please give this in MB.

  • System Administrator

    Hi Guys/Gals

    I have a Windows 2003 sever running Apache HTTP Server Version: 2.0.53
    I would like to update this to the most recent upgrade and i was wondering were i can download this from and some installation instructions so i dont have to reconfiugre to setting on the web page

    Thanks for any help you can offer

  • khalaf

    I have windows 2003 server how I install Apache?

  • Dave


    I also have a Windows 2003 sever running Apache HTTP Server Version: 2.0.53
    I have been told update this to the most recent upgrade 2.2 and i was wondering were i can locate installation instructions so i dont have to reconfiugre to setting on the web page

    Thanks for any help you can offer

  • Hamy

    Just fyi – i used wampserver on win 2003 and it works correctly, but if you look into the windows system log the wampserver service restarts itself about every 5 to 10 minutes

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