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Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s On Our Radar. It’s been a long week, thwarted by my recent understanding that the beginning of a programmer’s wisdom is knowing the difference between getting a program to run, and actually having a runnable program.

On Our Radar:

That really seems to be at the heart of the SitePoint forums – sometimes things work, but we’re a little afraid to look under the hood in case it breaks. It’s why Best Practice (capitalised because it’s serious) is so important. It makes it easier to share and update code, makes it easier to make change, and generally, once we get the basics right, we can get onto more exciting things like taking over the world.

it would be great to take over the world, personally, so I can force everyone to share my love of cats and apples. What’s stopping me is really good Project Management skills so I’ve been taking this Learnable course for freelance developers. I just started this morning and if you’re keen, let’s learn together. I can only do one lesson every few days, so right now I’ve learned different standardised methods of project management (they have funky names like Agile, Lean, Scrum and Waterfall). The best thing about it is it’s stuff I already DO, but it has a name so I can actually quantify it now.

When it comes to learning, I’m a firm believer that the best way to actually learn, to truly understand and grasp concepts, is to teach others. It’s a bit strange to say but practicing your knowledge to those with less experience gives you a chance to test your own skills and question the logic behind your reasoning. This week’s best articles on our Forum demonstrated how much better web devs are when they put their experience to good use by helping others.

In the spirit of best practice, Forums user qim wants to know how to link buttons two by two. RyanReese comes to the rescue but there’s still a bit of confusion, so if you’re a pro at HTML or CSS give the thread a go and help qim out. If you’re just starting out, it’s a great chance to learn from Ryan and others.

In a similar thread, afridy’s sending strings to a JS tool tip, but keeps getting a SyntaxError: unterminated string literal. He’s not too sure what to do about it. At first Forum members thought it was the semicolon he used, but the error is persistent. How good are your bug hunting skills?

Ryan then asks the community that he supports so strongly for a bit of help. Have you ever used a decent website builder? Let us know.

Share your knowledge:

I want to know, how did you get started in Xamarin? Or how did you get started in any language or app or framework? How do you get over the initial learning curve?

PS. don’t forget this week in .NET and check our our weekly JavaScript roundup, too!

Final thoughts:

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