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By Jennifer Farley

Photoshop Mobile Released

By Jennifer Farley

photoshoplogo Well it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Adobe have released a mobile version of Photoshop for iPhone and iPod. When I clicked on the link, iTunes opened with the disappointing message that the app is not available in Ireland. It appears to only be available in the U.S. and Canada at the moment. So I’m passing on the official blurb from Photoshop without having played with app myself.


From Adobe; Mobile for iPhone provides a fun, seamless experience to view photos with full-screen previews and edit images with gesture-based editing. Consumers can transform their photos with essential edits like crop, rotate and flip. Users can correct and play with color by adjusting the saturation and tint, enhancing the exposure and vibrancy and converting images to black and white. Mobile for iPhone also offers eye-catching special effects. The Sketch tool helps photos look like drawings, and Soft Focus can give photos a subtle blur for artistic effect. With just one click, users can also apply dramatic changes to the look and feel of their photos with effects such as Warm Vintage, Vignette and Pop. Edits or changes can be undone or redone so users can experiment without the worry of losing the original photo.


The Photoshop Mobile App comes with 2GB of space at for free.

You can read more about it and download it from here.

How useful do you think a cut-down version of Photoshop would be? Will you be downloading the app?

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  • Young

    I am thinking why it is only workable for iphone and when there will be a mobile web app instead of desktop software.

  • I would download to have a play but cant see it being worth paying for as I don’t see me actually using it. I haven’t yet thought “darn I really need to edit that picture while I’m on holiday” or “on the train”. It can usually wait until I am sat at my desk.

    I am also surprised at the limited geographic launch I doubt t would really get inundated I am not sure there are really THAT many designers with Iphones, perhaps a few tens of thousands at most and how many of those would pay for it? Recession, other cool toys to pay for etc etc…

  • hyperhtml

    The app does not really have any features that would make it an alternative for the desktop application. Its more for people who want to put photo effects on their pictures.

  • commandnotapple

    @Young – It is a web app,!

    @artemis – It’s free, so feel free to give it a go! Also, as a designer it’s great to know I can have least a bit of Photoshop’s power in my pocket. Granted I’m not going to make the next comp for a client, but when I want something to quickly clean up an image before shoving it to Facebook or Twitter, I’m glad to know I have this tool.

  • With this being an incredibly cut down version I don’t think it will have much use for professional designers. The features mentioned above (crop, rotate etc.) would however be great for general use amongst all users (when you want to do quick edits to your photos before putting them online). Not having an iPhone myself though I am curious as to whether the iPhone already has a built in photo app which performs these simple tasks (perhaps on a program which loads much more quickly – if, that is, Photoshop for iPhone does take a while to load?)? IMHO the beauty of photoshop comes in it’s complex editing capabilities which I imagine will never be possible to utilise fully on a tiny mobile screen. Great free app though. And I guess Adobe will pick up a lot more non-designer customers for the full version when people start enjoying using it (and when they save their pics in .psd format & consequently can’t open them on their computer…).

  • spheroid

    What’s up with the ugly PBS style logo? LOL!

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