New Free Photoshop Express Apps From Adobe

Jennifer Farley

Last month Adobe announced the release of a number of new web apps which fall under the umbrella term “Photoshop Express”. The apps include:

  • Photoshop Express Editor
  • Photoshop Style Match
  • Photoshop Organizer

The Photoshop Express Editor app is for retouching your pictures. Features include basic commands such as cropping and rotating, fixing red-eye and exposure, changing saturation and “Touchup” which is very much like the Clone Stamp Tool and lets you quickly remove blemishes and small artifacts. Adjustments include white balance, sharpen and soft focus, while the Advanced features are a range of filters allowing effects such as sketch, distortion, black and white and pop color. A “Decorate” option lets you add text, speech bubbles, and a variety of graphics to your photograph. The Editor is clean and easy to use if you’ve even basic experience with any type of graphics editor. You do not have to register with Adobe to use the Express Editor.


Photoshop Style Match is based on the Style Match feature in Photoshop Elements 9. The app lets you take one photograph and replicate the style or look and feel and apply it to a second photograph.


The Organizer app lets you sort your pictures into albums and share them with your pals. This app does require registration for a account (which is free). You can post photos to your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket pages with a few clicks.


An additional Slideshow tool let’s you make interactive slideshows with your pictures and the Photoshop Express Uploader lets you simply drag files onto a album, and you’re backed up and ready to go. is free with 2GB of storage available to everyone with the option of purchasing additional online storage from $20 per year for 20GB.

Do you use at all? Are the new apps of interest to you?