By Alex Walker

Photoshop CS2 Tips, Trick and Hacks for the Web

By Alex Walker

As you may have already noticed either on the site (or at your local respectable book merchants) our first full-color book has just hit the shelves — Corrie Haffly’s The Photoshop Anthology.

Photoshop Anthology - inside

We put our first grubby finger marks over a hard copy late last week and it’s pretty impressive — big (8’x10′) (8″x10″), glossy and colorful (6 color process on the cover!). If the majority of your Photoshop sweat ends up online, this may well be the best value CS2 book you’ll ever own.

Personally I currently own 3 Photoshop books (a WOW book, a CS2 Bible and an ancient Visual Quickstart Guide) and they’ve all been pretty useful during their time. However it would be fair to say they are all pretty broad in their coverage, meaning there are whole sections of each book that I ignored. In short, in most books ‘Photoshop for the Web‘ is the title of a chapter– not the book.

Interestingly, before this book was released it was been easier to find one that focussed entirely on using LAB color in Photoshop, than it has been to find one that focussed on web development. Weird.

Anyway Corrie has certainly put paid to that. The sample PDF will give you a good feel for where she’s going with it. The second half of the book is where she gets into the really useful stuff.

The book also includes a Quick Reference Card that gives you your hex colors, a visual font guide and Photoshop shortcut at a glance, and is the first book we are making the full PDF available with purchase.

We’re hoping this one will be the first of many new color full titles with an advanced CSS design book in production as I write this. It’s looking really cool.

Either way, if you’ve bluffed your way through Photoshop till now, check out Corrie’s PDF. It’s probably just what you’re looking for.

  • MarFarMa

    You know, I first noticed this book on the Safari/O’Reilly site. They were taking pre-purchases. Now, I generally avoid print technical books these days. I travel with a heavy laptop, and adding paper books is just too much to add. But I was that excited about it, and since I knew you ‘didn’t do’ pdf versions of your books, I went ahead and pre-ordered it in August. I’ve been waiting for it with bated breath.

    I got the book about a day after you did, apparently. It was certainly worth the wait. I love it. But now I find that this is the title you start offering in pdf form. Just my luck.

    Any one I might talk to about a special one-time discount on the pdf? I’d return the book to O’Reilly, but it’s no longer in ‘like new’ condition.

  • malikyte

    Since CS3 will be coming out within the coming year, does Corrie have any desire to update this for CS3? I’m still bold enough to be using v5.0.1 of Photoshop since I just preferred the UI over the v6+ editions.

  • malikyte – we may decide to update the book for CS3 once it’s been released, but we’ll need to see a copy first before making the decision (it will depend on a number of factors, including how popular CS3 is, and whether it adds significant functionality). We have no firm plans to update it at the moment.

  • MarFarMa – try emailing and explaining your situation.

  • A book that is 8 feet by 10 feet?! That’s 2.4 by 3 metres! Wow, that is a big book! :)

  • A book that is 8 feet by 10 feet?! That’s 2.4 by 3 metres! Wow, that is a big book! :)

    Yeah, let’s see you fit that on your coffee table, Tommy! ;)

    So that’s why our paper costs blew out this month…

    Ah, well spotted. That old imperial system bites me every now and again.


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