Personas Quiz: Did you Win a $100 Amazon Voucher?

    Matthew Magain

    A couple of weeks ago we published the SitePoint Personas, along with a short quiz to see which of these personas you most identify with. It wasn’t a terribly scientific method for garnering the different types of users that visit, but it was a bit of fun and also provided us with a bit of insight into how accurate our personas really are (if you’re curious, you can read about the process I followed).

    Show Me The (Amazon) Money

    To encourage you to take the quiz, we offered you the chance to win one of five Amazon vouchers worth $500, with the cut-off for entering this draw being the end of last week.

    We had over 2,000 people take the quiz, over half of whom opted to leave their details to enter the draw. And so to our winners:

    … drum roll …

    A big congratulations to the following people, who have each won a $100 voucher to spend at

    • Carol Kneedler
    • Isaac McDaniel
    • Norman Cassio
    • Paul Rossi
    • Erik Miller

    I’ve emailed the winners directly, and heard back from a few of them.

    Paul lives in Chicago, Illinois, works as a front-end web designer, and identified closely with Erin. “The quiz identified me as a Front-end Coder,” he wrote. “And honestly, there couldn’t be a better description for what I do.”

    Carol is also from Illinois—Springfield, in fact—and works as an independent Internet consultant. “I’m a big fan of SitePoint and own several SitePoint books.” she commented. “I took the Persona Quiz because I’m interested in creating usable web interfaces and wanted to see what you’d developed — very interesting.”

    Isaac is a college student from Oklahoma City. “I really didn’t expect to win anything, just thought it would be fun to do the survey at the time. I was identified as Harvey Randolph (the newbie hobbyist) although I’d like to think that I know more than to just be a newbie!” he said.

    How Were The Winners Selected?

    First I sorted the spreadsheet of winners by name, to remove those quiz participants who had not left their details. I then used the Random Integer Generator to generate 5 numbers between 2 and 1159 inclusive, with each number representing a row in the spreadsheet of participants.

    A screenshot of the Random Integer Generator

    The winners were the individuals whose names corresponded to a row in the spreadsheet with that number. A screenshot of this spreadsheet, showing only the winning rows, is shown below.

    A screenshot of the Random Integer Generator

    Look out for more follow-up posts on the results of the Personas quiz. If you haven’t done so, you can still take the quiz to find out which persona you are most like.

    A huge thanks to everyone who entered this competition, and congratulations again to our winners!