PC vs. Mac Redux

The following is republished from the Tech Times #174.

The forum threads associated with my editorial last issue, Mac vs. PC: What Floats your Boat? and Mac vs. PC and the Future of the Web, are running hot with nearly 400 posts at last count.

“Is Apple Hardware Crummy?” in the SitePoint Forums


A few of you did write in via email, however, to let me know your thoughts. More than a few of you suggested that moving to Linux will get all the benefits of Mac OS X that I mentioned and without getting locked into Apple hardware. Having not given Linux a fair shake on the desktop for a few years now, I have to admit that Ubuntu and the like may be a very good option for the extra adventurous who don’t need commercial apps like Photoshop to get by.

Speaking of Apple hardware, Tech Times reader Bob Deloyd wrote in with this perspective:

“I have friends who have Macs and it seems that there is always something going wrong with the logic boards or other parts. […]

“You buy from Apple, you are stuck with Apple. Why don’t they just let their OSX run on any INTEL machine? I would love to have it run on my Toshiba laptop, or my Dell desktop machine. I do have an INTEL MacBook because I want to get better acquainted with OSX for my business. I like it for its 12″ screen and lightness, but I will keep my AppleCare up to date!!!”

Many of the Mac users here at SitePoint have been plagued by similar hardware issues, Bob. I seem to have lucked out with this MacBook (knock on rounded, black plastic), but I certainly keep my system well backed-up and protected by a solid warranty.

What do you think? Is Apple hardware crummy?

“Is Apple Hardware Crummy?” in the SitePoint Forums