On Our Radar: Time, Responsive Design and Misplaced Commas

Jasmine Elias

If you’re happy and you know it, syntax error! In a week of misplaced semicolons and forgotten commas, we had a lot to talk about.

On Our Radar

mikey_w, regularly featured in this series, is excited to be learning more about responsive web design (and adaptive design, but that’s another matter entirely). They want to know more about going from a 3-column design website to general responsive design on mobile. Answers to Mikey’s question ranged from reducing the font size (thanks John_Betong!) and avoiding excessive scrolling (thanks SamA74)

mikey_w also got us thinking about how transparent publication dates for websites should be. Should websites include a ‘written on’ or ‘published on’ date? The consensus was that most people want to know when something was posted to the web, given how quickly information is updated and changed in the web dev world.

tosta wants information on bringing PHP outside variables to PHP class. Suggestions include a complete re-write of the class (thanks SpacePhoenix!) and changing the mysqli_functions (thanks Mittineague!)

In Short

Ricardo was confused about a specific snippet of code, and Mittineague came to the rescue. Turns out it’s a legacy IE7 thing, but with the release of Microsoft Edge, hopefully web developers won’t be burdened with special rules for IE.

We also talk about whether Facebook pages can hurt a small business; our favorite sans-serif fonts; uncontrollable grid images; and creating a one-use footer without needing to compromise individual pages.

Don’t forget our amazing weekly round-ups of JavaScript, .Net and the Front-End.

Your Two Bitcoins

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