Name That Pic

By Sarah Hawk

If you missed it last week, we’re running a weekly caption competition which kicks off every Friday (in our part of the world) and runs over the weekend. If you’re part of our Facebook community then you will already have had a chance to think on this one.

The premise is simple – post your caption idea in the comments section and I’ll pick a couple of winners at my discretion. (Tip: the stupider the better.) The winners will be selected and announced on Monday.

Here is this week’s photo:

The winning entry from Facebook was “Ohh man, this isn’t the furry party?” You can see the rest of the entries here. The best two entries (in my opinion) will win themselves digital copies of HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World. Don’t forget to include your email address when you register to comment (so I can contact you if you win – it won’t be used for any other purpose).

  • John’s attempt to persuade his future children that he was once cool was tragically flawed.

  • Purwanto

    Does Harley have a side job at Disneyland?

  • studentofIT

    Gee, I gotta stop drinking this stuff, it turns me into a real animal.

  • Mike Cunneen

    “I can handle sudden room-tilts without spilling a drop, thanks to these velcro-soled shoes. But you asked what the lion outfit was for. It’s to pick up girls, of course.”

  • Mike Cunneen

    “Try picking up a cougar”, my mates said. This was the closest thing I could find at the costume hire.

  • Leonard

    “Err…well you know I’ve been working on that web site for the zoo? Let’s just say IE6 debugging got the better of me.”

  • Quinreisen

    As a sign of the times even Van Go Lion is panhandling on the streets of Zoobali Zoo.

  • Quinreisen

    oops Zoobilee Zoo

  • “Look I made a Simba Snuggie!”

  • “So it’s Google Penguin? Really?
    I made the same mistake last year with Panda!
    Well at least I have this vodka, err, I mean water, the real reason why lions sleep so much.”

  • Harley’s excuse was “My only other suit turned pink in the wash”.

  • Ken

    Okay it happened like this, I was at a party talking about my greatest Halloween costume while drinking vodka, the last thing I remember was a dare the suit, and the zoo, after waking up I had to Spock the keeper to get out like this see….

  • Tony

    Definitions of “business casual” were getting more and more stretched with each passing day.

  • Paul Barratt

    No, we wanted am able Samba expert, not an ale and Simba expert.

  • Jeremy

    If I told you I wasn’t already drunk when I put on this suite I would be lion.


  • You guys just keep getting better! Brilliant.

    My favourites are definitely Tony with “Definitions of ‘business casual’ were getting more and more stretched with each passing day.” and Kevin Stevens with “John’s attempt to persuade his future children that he was once cool was tragically flawed.”

    Congratulations guys, you’ve both won yourselves a copy of HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World. I’ll be in touch.

    Thanks all for entering.

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