Macintosh Toolkit

Matt Mickiewicz

Alpha – Alpha is a powerful text editor which has all the functions you need for editing lots of text files: multi-file search-and-replace, file sets, etc.

Astound WebMotion – Astound WebMotion allows anyone to create streaming, Java-powered animation that does not require a plug-in to view. Use it to create navigation bars, flashing banners, spinning logos, and other Web-based graphics which include interactivity and sound.

BBEdit – BBEdit is one of the best HTML editors around. If you don’t need lots of bells and whistles, this is the editor for you. A great text-based HTML editor for those not afraid of raw HTML. This HTML Editor is used by many professional web design firms.

Eudora – An extremely powerful email client with excellent filters, multiple email account management and a ton of extremely useful bells and whistles. We at use the Windows version of this program to deal with the hundreds of emails we receive on a daily basis.

Fetch – Simply one of the best and easiest to use FTP Clients for the Mac.

Freeway – A highly-acclaimed WYSIWYG HTML Editor for the Mac with a familiar Desktop Publishing like interface.

GraphicConverter – GraphicConverter is a program that converts graphics to different formats. Also it contains many useful features for graphics manipulation.

Wallaby – Wallaby is a very easy to use HTML Editor for the Macintosh. It is designed for both the experienced web designer and the beginner. It combines a very handy user interface with lots of features including tag coloring, drag and drop editing in multiple windows and more.

PageSpinner – PageSpinner is an easy to use HTML editor for the Mac that supports HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0 plus additional Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer extensions. A great editor for both the beginner and the more advanced Web author.