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AlgART HTML Packer – Creates compressed, self extracting HTML code that you can use on large webpages to reduce user downnload time.

ASP2PHP – ASP2PHP converts Microsoft Active Server Pages into PHP. Run on Windows and Unix.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor – CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ is a GTK-based HTML editor for Linux. It’s very powerful and includes a number of features, including: sample javascript code, animated GIFs, backgrounds, design wizards, icons, php code, and more.

html-update-img – html-update-img is program that updates the IMG tags in a HTML file with Height and Width Tags.

HTML Tidy – HTML Tidy is a free utility that fixes mistakes made while editing HTML. It will also tidy up sloppy HTML code to make it more readable.

HTML-Tree – HTML-Tree is a program that looks in all of your site’s directories, and creates a web-page based graphical map of HTML pages on a webserver.

imaptool – imaptool is a X/Motif utility for creating client-side image maps. It supports all three shapes (rectangle, circle, and polygon), and loads JPEG and GIF images.

Javascript Debugger – A javascript debugger for Netscape Communicator. Useful for advanced administrators who need to create and debug their own JavaScript code.

JHTML – JHTML is a Java-based HTML editor that is being developed to eventually support features such as intelli-sense type autocompletion with tags and their possible parameters, syntax highlighting, right-click tag editing, and many more helpful features.

Linbot – Linbot is the professional Site Management Tool for webmasters. Linbot allows webmasters to view the structure of a site, track down broken links, find potentially outdated web pages list links pointing to external sites, view portfolio of inline images, get a run-down of problems sorted by author and to do all this periodically without user intervention.

LinkCheck – LinkCheck is a software package that checks a site for broken links.

nodoze – nodoze is a Perl script to repair websites built with MS Windows so that they will work properly on a UNIX server. It changes all file and directory names, and all relative URLS in the html, to lower case, and it changes all .htm extensions to .html.

NUKE – NUKE is the source code used on the Linux Preview News site. It’s like Slashdot and some others similar sites. It manage News, Old News, comments per article, surveys, and other functions a news site requires.

Plexel – A java/javascript website management program, which has highly integrated ties to Java, allowing easy incorporation of Java applets with your website.

SCREEM – SCREEM is a program designed to allow fast creation and maintenance of websites. It uses expanding lists with options for individual HTML tags, along with more advanced tools for making tables or specifying styles. Features include site-wide templates, find and replace and preview.

SlashCode – The code (mod_perl based) used to run Slashdot(, a Linux news site. Features news pages, configurable “SlashBoxes” which can be used to show headlines from other sites, and a very sophisticated comment system with moderation capabilities.

Visual DHTML – Visual DHTML is a free Web-based authoring tool that lets you create interactive web content using various DHTML technologies. It is written in DHTML, and is run from a browser.

webgrep – webgrep is a small toolkit with 7 different programs for the web-designer. It contains among other things a very fast broken link checker called blnkcheck.

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