Leave an Impression with Print Peppermint’s Fresh Designs & Premium Paper

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Leave an Impression with Print Peppermint’s Fresh Designs & Premium Paper

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Everyone has a business card—is yours any different? Designing the ideal card for your business is a project that deserves real time and thought. For a fresh approach, consider Print Peppermint. Their in-house design services ensure your business cards will be absolutely custom and unique, and their high-end special finishes add a touch of class.

They’re not the new kids on the block. Over the last seven years, they’ve produced thousands of innovative print projects, and have attracted the business of industry-leading creative companies such as Vice, Google, Geico, Wendy’s. They’ve even printed circular die-cut business cards for Grammarly—one of our office-favorite web apps! They can hand-craft something unique for you, too.

You could get started with their Free Online Design Tool. It’s an easy-to-use online app that will help you design your own business cards, posters, flyers, invitations, and greeting cards from a blank canvas.

But you’ll get the best results if you leave the design work to the experts, and hire one of their in-house graphic designers. Give them as much input as you can—sketches, ideas, links to anything that inspires you—and they’ll bring it to life in a fresh, unique way. They can even design a logo for your business. Every single order is hand-proofed, no matter how large or small.

But what you put on your business card is just the start. Give some serious thought to the card itself.

First, the paper you print on can make a very tactile impression. Choose from a meticulously-curated family of thick and premium papers, including 100% Cotton, Soft-Touch, Triplex Layered, Clear-Frosted Plastic, Onyx Black Suede, Recycled Kraft, and many more.

Second, choose from a wide range of special finishes. They stand out and make a strong statement about your business. These include foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, letterpress, edge painting, and more.

The ideal combination of design, paper, and finish creates a strong impression. Here are a few examples of what you can achieve.

A “letterpress finish” can be engaging, and debossing makes an impression, literally. Here’s blind debossing on thick, cotton paper.

By using clear plastic, your business cards will be as durable as credit cards. Frosted PVC makes a statement to your customers that you have high standards and care about quality.

Metallic foil stamped business cards have a premium look. Choose from 15 colors—here’s one in copper. You can even make photos metallic.

Raised foil feels more dramatic, similar to embossing. Here’s how it looks in gold on premium suede, soft-touch paper.

If you find rectangles boring, you can have your business cards die cut to absolutely any custom shape. Imagine the possibilities!

And even the edges of your cards can be custom painted.

The right business card ensures the perfect introduction to your business, so take your time deciding on a design. Possibly the best way to get inspiration is to order their $10 Sample Pack. You’ll be able to touch, smell and explore over twenty premium products and papers, and as a bonus you’ll get $25 off your order. That sounds like a good deal to me.

Another excellent source of inspiration is the company’s design blog. It’s filled with articles on topics like Graphic Design and Photography, but you’ll want to start in the Business Card Inspiration section. If you get stuck designing your own card, it can be really helpful to look at what other people have come up with. The blog contains over 200 articles that explore recently-completed business card projects.

How do you feel about your current business card now? If you’re ready for something new, all Print Peppermint products are supported with a 100% money-back quality guarantee. They offer amazing group-order discounts for businesses and organizations with multiple employees.

Armed with the right business card, all you need now is to perfect how to hand out your business card with style!

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