By Sam Deering

jQuery Get Todays Date dd/mm/yyyy

By Sam Deering

JavaScript code snippet to get the current date in the format dd/mm/yyyy. The month is formatted to prefix with a zero (ie “04”) for single month figures. Also, here is how you can get a future date using jQuery

var fullDate = new Date()
//Thu May 19 2011 17:25:38 GMT+1000 {}
//convert month to 2 digits
var twoDigitMonth = ((fullDate.getMonth().length+1) === 1)? (fullDate.getMonth()+1) : '0' + (fullDate.getMonth()+1);
var currentDate = fullDate.getDate() + "/" + twoDigitMonth + "/" + fullDate.getFullYear();

Note: the console.log() commands are just for use with firebug.

If the above code doesn’t work try this (thanks pnilesh):


var fullDate = new Date();console.log(fullDate);
var twoDigitMonth = fullDate.getMonth()+"";if(twoDigitMonth.length==1)	twoDigitMonth="0" +twoDigitMonth;
var twoDigitDate = fullDate.getDate()+"";if(twoDigitDate.length==1)	twoDigitDate="0" +twoDigitDate;
var currentDate = twoDigitDate + "/" + twoDigitMonth + "/" + fullDate.getFullYear();console.log(currentDate);
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