jQuery Store Data in a Div

By Sam Deering

jQuery code snippet to store data in a div for reference later. The data is not shown in the div but is stored against the element. Note that if the jQuery collection references multiple elements, the value returned refers to the first element.

Here is how you do it.

//set the value to be stored
$("div").data("valuename", "hello");

//get the stored value
var value = $("div").data("valuename");
//outputs "hello"

//you can also change the value
$("div").data("valuename", 101);

//get the new stored value
var value = $("div").data("valuename");
//outputs "101"

You can use removeData(valuename) to remove the data item stored in the div.

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  • Scott

    Am I to understand that data is appended to the DIV? Meaning if I have a number of DIV elements after this first one, that each time I select one of the DIV elements it value will append? ie. click div = 1, click again, div = 1,2, click a third time and div = 1,2,3 (assuming the data points were 1,2,3).

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