By Sam Deering

jQuery Get RSS Feed Live Reader

By Sam Deering

Use jQuery get rss (with JavaScript) to get a blogs (or websites) display rss feed on your web page. Use Google Ajax Feed API to retrieve the feed items and returns them as a list of feed items to be displayed. The feed can then be customized with your styles to suit your look – for example it could be used as a jQuery news aggregator.

jQuery RSS Viewer Demo Real World Demo

jQuery RSS Plugin Features

  • Automatically load rss feed when your web page loads
  • Refresh button to refresh the jQuery rss feed reader live
  • You can add mutiple rss feeds
  • You can specify a limit of feed items that are returned
  • Displays a loading button while reading rss feeds


Download Source Files

The jQuery RSS Plugin Code

The jQuery RSS Plugin mainly uses JavaScript to call google.load(feed) to get the rss feed items.
var gfeedfetcher_loading_image="/images/page-images/loader.gif" //Full URL to "loading" image. No need to config after this line!!

google.load("feeds", "1") //Load Google Ajax Feed API (version 1)

function gfeedfetcher(divid, divClass, linktarget){
	this.linktarget=linktarget || "" //link target of RSS entries
	this.feedlabels=[] //array holding lables for each RSS feed
	this.feeds=[] //array holding combined RSS feeds' entries from Feed API (result.feed.entries)
	this.feedsfetched=0 //number of feeds fetched
	this.showoptions="" //Optional components of RSS entry to show (none by default)
	this.sortstring="date" //sort by "date" by default
') //output div to contain RSS entries this.feedcontainer=document.getElementById(divid) this.itemcontainer="
  • " //default element wrapping around each RSS entry item } gfeedfetcher.prototype.addFeed=function(label, url){ this.feedlabels[this.feedlabels.length]=label this.feedurls[this.feedurls.length]=url } gfeedfetcher.prototype.filterfeed=function(feedlimit, sortstr){ this.feedlimit=feedlimit if (typeof sortstr!="undefined") this.sortstring=sortstr } gfeedfetcher.prototype.displayoptions=function(parts){ this.showoptions=parts //set RSS entry options to show ("date, datetime, time, snippet, label, description") } gfeedfetcher.prototype.setentrycontainer=function(containerstr){ //set element that should wrap around each RSS entry item this.itemcontainer="" } gfeedfetcher.prototype.init=function(){ this.feedsfetched=0 //reset number of feeds fetched to 0 (in case init() is called more than once) this.feeds=[] //reset feeds[] array to empty (in case init() is called more than once) this.feedcontainer.innerHTML='

    Loading blog feeds...

    ' var displayer=this for (var i=0; i0 && this.feedlimit>this.feedurls.length && i==this.feedurls.length-1) //If this is the last RSS feed, and feedlimit/feedurls.length yields a remainder items_to_show+=(this.feedlimit%this.feedurls.length) //Add that remainder to the number of entries to show for last RSS feed feedpointer.setNumEntries(items_to_show) //set number of items to display feedpointer.load(function(label){ return function(r){ displayer._fetch_data_as_array(r, label) } }(this.feedlabels[i])) //call Feed.load() to retrieve and output RSS feed. } } gfeedfetcher._formatdate=function(datestr, showoptions){ var itemdate=new Date(datestr) var parseddate=(showoptions.indexOf("datetime")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleString() : (showoptions.indexOf("date")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleDateString() : (showoptions.indexOf("time")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleTimeString() : "" return ""+parseddate+"" } gfeedfetcher._sortarray=function(arr, sortstr){ var sortstr=(sortstr=="label")? "ddlabel" : sortstr //change "label" string (if entered) to "ddlabel" instead, for internal use if (sortstr=="title" || sortstr=="ddlabel"){ //sort array by "title" or "ddlabel" property of RSS feed entries[] arr.sort(function(a,b){ var fielda=a[sortstr].toLowerCase() var fieldb=b[sortstr].toLowerCase() return (fieldafieldb)? 1 : 0 }) } else{ //else, sort by "publishedDate" property (using error handling, as "publishedDate" may not be a valid date str if an error has occured while getting feed try{ arr.sort(function(a,b){return new Date(b.publishedDate)-new Date(a.publishedDate)}) } catch(err){} } } gfeedfetcher.prototype._fetch_data_as_array=function(result, ddlabel){ var thisfeed=(!result.error)? result.feed.entries : "" //get all feed entries as a JSON array or "" if failed if (thisfeed==""){ //if error has occured fetching feed alert("Some blog posts could not be loaded: "+result.error.message) } for (var i=0; i")? "
      n" : "" gfeedfetcher._sortarray(feeds, this.sortstring) for (var i=0; i" + feeds[i].title + "" var itemlabel=/label/i.test(this.showoptions)? '['+this.feeds[i].ddlabel+']' : " " var itemdate=gfeedfetcher._formatdate(feeds[i].publishedDate, this.showoptions) var itemdescription=/description/i.test(this.showoptions)? "
      "+feeds[i].content : /snippet/i.test(this.showoptions)? "
      "+feeds[i].contentSnippet : "" rssoutput+=this.itemcontainer + itemtitle + " " + itemlabel + " " + itemdate + "n" + itemdescription + this.itemcontainer.replace("")? "
    " : "" this.feedcontainer.innerHTML=rssoutput }

    HTML Code

    Refresh live blog posts

    CSS Code

    /** RSS FEED **/
    .labelfield{ color:brown; font-size: 90%; }
    .datefield{ color:gray; font-size: 90%;}
    #rssfeeds a{ color: purple;text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold;}
    #rssfeeds p{ margin-bottom: 2px;}
    code{ color: red;}
    #blogoolafeed, #blogoolafeed a { color:white; }
    #blogoolafeed a:hover{ color:#8E7BD3; }
    #blogoolafeed ul { margin-left:-15px }
    #rssfeed-wrap { text-align:left; margin-left:15px; }

    Plugin source:

    • Great, Just what I was looking for! I’ve been searching for such a solution for three days! Thanks for sharing!

    • dynamic drive its a great web, and this is great too, thanks bos for tut’s m/

    • Hey cool, thank you.. have been trying to get something to work with remote feeds and without having to write proxies, so great stuff!

    • xtheunknown0

      This is seriously good. All I’ve wanted is a reader that can limit the number of items downloaded for each feed. This is actually really hard to find (current time of writing) with Google.

      I’m still hoping for a Windows equivalent to newsbeuter (Linux).

    • Kakulash

      This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

      Is there anyway to limit the number of total results?

      If I am grabbing posts from 20 different blogs, how do I show just 5?

    • appu

      is there any way to remove duplicate itemtitle

    • julie

      thanks! You made this very easy.

    • Thanks, this is exactly what I needed, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • peter

      how can i increase the number of characters in feed description, please help

    • Charles

      Need a way to combine all feeds (from say, 10 sources) into one big feed, then show on HTML just the one most-recent feed from all of them. This doesn’t do it.

      • jquery4u

        @Peter – You’ll need to do some string manipulation on the itemdescription parameter.

        var newLength = 52; //trim to 52 characters only
        itemdescription = itemdescription.substring(0,newLength) + ‘…’;

        ” var itemdescription=/description/i.test(this.showoptions)? “
        “+feeds[i].content : /snippet/i.test(this.showoptions)? “
        “+feeds[i].contentSnippet : “”
        rssoutput+=this.itemcontainer + itemtitle + ” ” + itemlabel + ” ” + itemdate + “n” + itemdescription + this.itemcontainer.replace(“<", "

        • Dan

          Can you please explain me how this work? I tried it but cant get it work.

          Original gfeed code:
          var itemdescription=/description/i.test(this.showoptions)? “”+feeds[i].content : /snippet/i.test(this.showoptions)? “”+feeds[i].contentSnippet : “”
          rssoutput+=this.itemcontainer + itemtitle + ” ” + itemlabel + ” ” + itemdate + “n” + itemdescription + this.itemcontainer.replace(“<", "</") + "nn"

          Replace code:


    • David

      Thanks for this. I am having a problem though.

      When I put this in on my page, I get the error: ‘newsfeed’ is null or not an object.

      Any idea what might be causing this error? Is it the feed address?

    • What changes need to be made so that the feed also displays the Post image? Is this possible?

      • Hi Jono, yes I’m working on such a plugin will be posted on the blog soon, stay tuned!

    • Simon

      I d be very interested in that as well:

      Can the reader styled to fetch the images of the rss feeds?

      Have you already found a solution to Charles’ problem of displaying the latest item only of a greater number of feeds?

      Help is very much appreciated,

      • Hi Simon, yes I’m working on such a plugin will be posted on the blog soon, stay tuned!

    • Letj Know

      Is there a way to just grab the image from the feed with out grabbing all the content? Why is this so hard…

      • Hi Letj, yes I’m working on such a plugin will be posted on the blog soon, stay tuned!

    • Micke

      Is it possible to format list of items with starting ‘ul’. Something like:

      • Micke

        I found within gfeedfetcher.js

    • Is it possible to display updated list automatically on specific time interval without pressing “Refresh content” button ?

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    • Mike

      Is there anyway to reverse the result sort order?

    • Supriya Surve

      Really nice code. I was looking for the same. Loved it, Thanks a lot :)

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