By Kevin Yank

Java Studio Creator 2 Released and Still Free

By Kevin Yank

When I first announced that Sun was making its Java Studio Creator product available as a free download, some skeptics labelled this as a mere publicity stunt ahead of the release of Creator 2.

Well, Java Studio Creator 2 is now here, and it’s still free.

Java Studio Creator is based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology, a component-based approach to web development that is similar in style to ASP.NET. This positions Java Studio Creator as a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions. Both bring drag-and-drop rapid application development to the web and both are free downloads, but Creator is free of many of the restrictions placed on Microsoft’s Express Editions (e.g. it offers a full visual database query builder).


And of course, being written in Java, Creator will run on Mac OS X and Linux systems.

A brief overview of some of the new features:

  • improved code completion in code editors (Java, HTML, CSS)
  • a new graphical CSS editor
  • EJB Support (was beta in Creator 1)
  • many new JSF components
  • a new database support layer
  • HTTP monitoring
  • AJAX components (including a Google Maps component)
  • runs on Java 5 with associated speed and UI benefits

If you’ve considered Java web development in the past and were put off by code-heaviness and cryptic XML configuration files, you should definitely check out the video product tours for Creator 2 to see just how easy it can be.

  • Darko Bulatovic

    Great news thank you.

    Finally Sun have answer to visual studio.

  • WarpNacelle

    Wow! I’m a novice in every sense of the word, but after watching the tutorial I don’t think I would drown, so I’m diving in. Why not? It’s free.

  • Michal

    If they only made it easir to download it. You have to be registered SDN member (free), which I realised I already was ;-) And as always, I did not remember my password. Looking for the “forgot your password” link? No success. After couple of pages I got totally lost and had no idea where I ended up, but certainly not logged in the SDN and NOT downloading the Creator.

  • Darko Bulatovic
  • Michal

    Thank you Darko, I’m now downloading the Creator.

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