How to Build Momentum in Your Business

Alyssa Gregory

Momentum can be powerful, whether it’s about knocking out your to-dos for the day, making progress on your long-term goals, or just developing an ongoing sense of achievement. It’s also a great way to prevent falling into and getting stuck in a rut.Here are a few of my favorite ways to build momentum when I’m starting to feel a bit sluggish with my work.

Shake Up Your Goals

I get bored easily, so I typically have a few personal projects in the works at any given time to keep things interesting. When I start to feel a little under-challenged, I’ll take a break from my everyday goals and go for something entirely new and different, something I’ve never done before. This can be extremely motivating, not only for the new project, but that motivation can continue when I move back to my normal activities.

Take Care of Yourself

Burning out is a sure way to lose your fire and momentum. As soon as I see the signs of burnout, I know it’s time for break. I’ll schedule a day off, a short weekend away, some extra sleep, or anything that gives me enough out-of-office time to regroup, recharge and get excited about work again.

Look at Your Brag Wall

Do you keep a mental or even physical list of your accomplishments? If not, you should! A quick cure for feeling blah with your work is reminding yourself of some of the big wins you’ve experienced in the past. It’s a great way to remind yourself what you’re capable of.

Boost Your Adrenaline

No, I’m not talking about downing a caffeine drink. I mean natural adrenaline. For me this means going for a run, listening to some music or mentally psyching myself up. Then I give myself a short burst of dedicated work time with as few interruptions as possible. I’m always amazed how much I get done in the chunk of time when I’m working on the heels of an adrenaline boost.

Go for a Change of Scenery

It may seem silly, but I can often reinvigorate my work routine and build momentum by changing my workspace for a day or two. I may leave the house, go to a different room or even work outside to add some variety.

tip: Warning: Motion is Not the Same as Momentum

Don’t confuse motion with momentum. Moving for the sake of moving isn’t necessarily going to help you build and sustain momentum. Keep a targeted focus in mind for all of your momentum-driving activities to ensure you’re really pushing yourself forward and not just spinning your wheels.

Momentum is one of those things that can carry you through the most difficult challenges and keep you going when you’re tempted to throw in the towel. And once you have it, it’s not that hard to keep it going if you give it a little attention from time to time.What works for you? How do you build and maintain momentum?Image credit: cienpies