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Go off Grid: Offline Reader for SitePoint Premium Now in Beta

    Kishen Kaurah

    We’ve done a massive amount of work to improve the SitePoint Premium experience this year, and we’re finally ready to release something our users have asked for more than anything else.

    Our most requested feature in SitePoint Premium is offline access to books, and today, it’s here.

    We’ve been working on this for a long time and we’re very excited to release what we think is a great way to read these books offline. Before you hurry off to read offline, we hope you’ll bear in mind that this is the first beta release, and we expect that there will be issues.

    We’re releasing this as an MVP to our Premium users so that we can iterate on it based on your feedback. This solution will allow you to read our content offline on any device, without having to download a specialized app.

    As a member, you’ll already be able to access this feature in the reader within SitePoint Premium, but there is a caveat: You will need to use a modern browser, as we’re running service workers and indexedDB to enable this feature.

    At the moment, downloading a book is a two-stage process:

    1. Click the download toggle as shown in the screenshot below, which will save the book to be accessed offline.
    2. You will then need to save the page via a bookmark to be able to access the book while offline.

    Please try it out and give us your feedback. There’s a dedicated thread for feedback over on the SitePoint Community, which you can access with your existing SitePoint Premium account.

    Finally, keep your eye on this feature. We’re working to release a new version soon, which will make it easier to see which titles you have downloaded for offline access.