Offline mode for SitePoint Premium [Beta]

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know that today we have launched offline mode for books on SitePoint Premium . This feature is in beta so if you have a premium account - we would love it if you could have a look and let us know of any issues that you find. You would need to use a modern browser as we are running service workers and indexDB to enable this feature.




Thanks for making this available, it is a valuable feature and should prove useful during travel etc.

My main concern at this point is how the individual books look when bookmarked, both in the Menu and the Sidebar. See the image below. All the books look the same, and I would hope that they would have at least the proper icon and the title. The last one does, and I am not sure what I did to make it appear.


This is the same behavior for bookmarking a page in the normal bookmarks, I had to go in and rename all the bookmarks so I know which book is which.

Other than that - kudos for making this available!



This was one of the things keeping me back from reading the books. Thank you, team!

I use Safari 13.0.2 on Mac, and it doesn’t show the images when I’m offline.

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I’m just curious how this works, I’m sure it’s easy.
I tried “Make available offline” swith on a book, it said: saving to my offline library, or words to that effect.
So how do I access the offline library when offline?

I have the same question. how does this work. after i click on read offline, it says downloaded to library. but how to access the offline library?


At this stage you would need to either bookmark the page and then you should just be able to come back when offline or you can save it as a web app. Chrome and Firefox both let you do this.


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Thanks Jon,

We are next working on making the library page work offline and show what you have made available for offline reading that should solve the above issues.

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Thanks for letting us know. I will send this issue to the dev team and get them to look into why the images are not loading.

I only see the option to make available offline on Safari on iPadOS 13. Neither Chrome nor Firefox show it for the same titles.

With Safari, I can’t get any bookmarking to work so that I can read offline.

Can you give more details on how it’s supposed to work please?

Offline button will only show up if the browser supports it. Serviceworkers (this is the tech that powers offline mode) are only available in safari on iOS and not supported in chrome or Firefox.

To bookmark a page in iOS see the following link:

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Yay! I noticed no notes or highlighting tools. Are these tools we can look forward to in a future iteration of the reading app for both on and offline titles?


I had used the method described to save a bookmark in Safari, but I did it again just to make sure (after choosing the offline option and seeing the download complete).

Taking the iPad offline and trying to load the bookmarked page just gets a message saying I’m not connected to the Internet.

Am I missing something obvious?

I had the button to save a book for offline viewing, and it appeared to do something. As I’m on IE on Windows 7, that does explain why I can’t find where the book has been downloaded to.

Can confirm it works on my laptop with Firefox 69.0.3, running Win7, and on my iPad Mini 2, running iOS 12.4.2, using Safari.

As other commenters have noted, it would be helpful if the page title were something less generic, so that the bookmark would be, by default, more apparent in my list of bookmarks. I can imagine this isn’t going to be a quick fix, but it’s only a minor complaint, at least for me.

This is a great addition! Thanks very much.



We do have notes within our backlog yes. Don’t currently have highlights but it is a good idea for us to look into. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hmm nope that sounds correct. I will have access to iPad with current OS latter tonight so I will have a test and see what the issue might be and let you know.

Any luck?

Sorry for delay in getting back to you.

So I have tested in iPad OS and I am not sure why you are getting this issue. After I tested it is working ok for me, Below is how I did it.

  • Open the book I want to have offline in the reader on my iPad in safari.
  • Hit the offline button and wait for it to confirm that it is all done and available.
  • I now bookmark this page so that I can get back direct to this book URL
  • Close the tab
  • Go into offline mode on iPad
  • Open that bookmark in Safari
  • Read book

When you get the you are working offline message can you confirm is this the book URL you are visiting and not another page that does not have offline setup?


[I tried responding to you by replying to the email notification of your message, but it doesn’t seem to have posted here, so my response may be duplicated.]

I have done exactly what you’ve listed as the steps and it still won’t work. When the iPad is offline - whether in aircraft mode or simply with Wi-Fi off - I just get a message saying, e.g., “Safari cannot open the page because your iPad is not connected to the internet”

I am using a iPad Pro 9.7” under iPadOS 13.1.3

I even tried clearing the cached data for SitePoint (before trying again). One thing I did notice is that I had difficulty logging out - I got a few messages along the lines that the problem had been logged and reported - but I managed eventually and logged-in again just to be sure that I was starting afresh.

It’s frustrating, because this is a feature I’ve been waiting for.

Just to be sure we’re looking at the same thing, can you give me a title that works for you so that I can try that. (I know there are various legacy rights to download some books which could involved.)

Note: I have just managed to get this to work as intended on a (desktop) Mac under macOS 10.14.6; but - obviously - it’s not of the same utility as being able to read offline on an iPad!


Well bugger this is no good. Yes I will try the book you linked to see if that might be the issue. The book I tested with was:

As a I said it worked fine for me on safari iPad OS (I have different model iPad but that should not matter)

I will try the one you linked and see if I get any issues.


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