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At SitePoint we live and breathe web tech … and we love our ebooks. Combining these two passions is a challenge we relish, whether we’re releasing an all-encompassing guide to the world of WordPress (like The WordPress Anthology), an analysis of cutting-edge design approaches (say, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design) or an introduction to the latest web development standards and methods (for instance, HTML5 & CSS3 For the Real World).

Which is why we decided we ought to share these passions with our treasured SitePoint community – especially those of you who are attending the bound-to-be-awesome Web Directions Code conference, taking place in Melbourne on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24. We’re sending a whole bunch of SitePoint staffers along to this two-day festival of all things JavaScript and HTML5 (check out the program) where we’ll be attending excellent talks from the likes of Max Wheeler, Ryan Seddon and Rob Hawkes, to name a few. But our crew are also going to be hoping you’ll hook up with them and enter our SitePoint Twitaway Competition! Check out the details on the Twitaway Competition page.

Here’s how it works.

  • When you’re at the conference, look out for a SitePoint staffer (you can find us wandering around in our T-shirts, probably armed to the teeth with books, mugs and other SitePoint gear we’re itching to give away). Who’ll be there? Louis, Tom, Di, Alex, Harley and Ole. We’re waiting to meet you.
  • Grab one of us … but be gentle.
  • Take a photo of yourself with said SitePointer.
  • Send a unique, funny tweet, with your photo and the hashtag #lovesitepoint.
  • That’s it … unless, of course, you want to stick around and have a chat with us!

This will put you in the running for our great giveaway: a Kindle Fire, which we’ll hand over to the winner on the Thursday afternoon, and happily load up with a whole bunch of SitePoint ebooks.

But wait … ‘cos there’s more. Everyone who sends a tweet with a photo and the #lovesitepoint hashtag will win an ebook anyway. Why? Well, because you deserve it. And we want you to be awesome developers … something we hope we can give you a hand with when you choose one ebook from the following: The WordPress Anthology, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, or HTML5 & CSS3 For the Real World.

The details are all on the promotion page. All you have to do is get to Web Directions Code, hunt us down and get tweeting!


Tom MusethTom Museth
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Tom is the online managing editor at SitePoint. His working day consists of arming himself with an assembly line of long blacks and overseeing the curation of content and flow of traffic across the SitePoint network. His passions include bargain vinyl bins, yoga, juggling sci-fi novels with classic literature, and axolotls. He's currently wading into the world of Android development and HTML5 gaming.

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