By Raena Jackson Armitage

Free: 10 Tasty Twitter Backgrounds

By Raena Jackson Armitage

The recent SitePoint Twitter background competition attracted a stack of stunning entries. Check out the winning entries below, and learn how you could design the official background for the SitePoint Twitter feed.

Our judging panel had a stack of outstanding entries to choose from, and the results are below for you to enjoy — ten tasty Twitter background images that you can use on your own Twitter profile. Feel free to download and use any or all of these beautiful images as you see fit. All images are available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, and we’ve even zipped up the lot as a single download:

Download all 10 Twitter backgrounds (zip file, 4.6 MB)

The images are listed here in alphabetical order, according to the creator’s first name.

In the northern hemisphere, spring has definitely sprung. This bold, flowery offering from Allan MacGregor certainly matches the mood of the season.

A flowery Twitter background from Allan McGregor
Dozens of springtime flowers (download a larger version of this image)

In the southern hemisphere, however, it’s autumn—so here’s some green, gold, and red foliage from Anna Ullrich. There’s a surprise in store for those of you with a large monitor.

Funky fall colors (download a larger version of this image)

Our next design comes from Chad McMillan, and features flames and a cityscape. It’s a bit like a poster for a blockbuster action movie.

Great balls of fire! (download a larger version of this image)

Cordelia’s entry is reminiscent of a CSI crime scene. Tweeting on topics that are dark and sinister? This could be the perfect fit for you!

Suspicious evidence (download a larger version of this image)

Neal MacKinder has opted for a scene that evokes a warm log fire and Grandma’s home-made apple pie … or maybe that’s just me.

Paisley and ducks (download a larger version of this image)

Djurdjica Selec introduces herself with some text and a cute illustration—a great way to allow her personality to shine through!

Creative character (download a larger version of this image)

Phil Franks combines a warm wood texture with free-flowing, hand-drawn curls and swirls.

Doodled curves (download a larger version of this image)

Ram Electroskan offers a colorful landscape populated with cheeky cartoon birds and sea creatures.

Twitterscape (download a larger version of this image)

Sébastien Thiroux evokes the mood of a dark wintry day with these curvy clouds.

Moody clouds (download a larger version of this image)

Finally, Shira Gutgold’s SitePoint-themed design uses our logo in an unusual way—embroidered onto fraying fabric!

SitePoint stitches (download a larger version of this image)

Congratulations to our talented winners, who’ll each receive a copy of two of SitePoint’s most popular design books: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, by Jason Beaird, and Sexy Web Design, by Elliot Jay Stocks.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted designs. There are some extremely accomplished SitePoint readers out there, and our esteemed judging panel spent a long time deliberating over which were the very best. We’d also like to thank those hard-working judges: SitePoint Forum members Dark Tranquility, Datura, Nadia P, Varelse, Ingoal, DaveMaxwell, and molona.

99designs-logoThink you can do better? Why not have a shot at designing the official SitePoint Twitter background? 99designs today launched the new Twitter background category, and to kick things off we’re offering you the chance to design the background image that will be seen by SitePoint’s nearly 30,000 followers — and win $300 for your trouble! Check out the contest over at

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  • djuro

    Thank you insanely for including me in this great company!
    I am shocked to be among winners because when applying I didn’t understood it was for later usage. That being said, I am thrilled to be included and I’ve sent SitePoint the psd file of the design, so you can change the text, background colors and replace the character if you like.
    The pattern in the background is from “misc patterns” from this guy’s awesome collection:

    Congrats to my fellow winners!

    I can’t wait for the books to arrive!

    Thank you thank you thank you!



  • macgregor

    I’m honored to be among the winners, Congrats to everyone even the ones not listed here I know there a lot of fabulous designs that didn’t got featured if you and to follow me on twitter my username is artoffreelance.
    I’m the owner of both and, the later is my portfolio and business page where you can find more information about the work I do.

    The Art of freelance is relatively new blog I started about freelancing and all the things related to it.

    Thanks again for featuring me here,

    Allan MacGregor

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • neilmack

    Thanks for featuring my design!

    I had great fun creating my homage to the legend that is Hilda Ogden. You can check it out at and follow me at

    Thanks again Sitepoint,
    Neil Mackinder

  • Chad McMillan

    Thanks for including me in this amazing list. I appreciate the exposure very much. :-) Check out all of our designs:

  • Thanks for featuring my design!
    I didn’t realize it was for free download. So i sent a high res version without text to Sitepoint.
    I will also put it on my webiste as soon as I find some time.

    You can also follow me on twitter:

    Thanks again
    Sébastien Thiroux

  • Cordelia

    I’m speechless! Thank you so much for featuring my “CSI” Background!
    WOW! I was surprised to see that you liked my Background :-)

    I used the handprint and some Grunge Brushes from
    Everything else I made with my PhotoImpact 10.

    You can alos follow me on Twitter

    Congrats to all the talented Designers, which I can learn from :-)
    Greetings from Germany, Cordelia

  • djuro

    Great to meet you people!

    Drop by to say hello and tweet-chat at !

  • NaSh123

    Very awesome designs! They are very inspiring for designers. We’ll try to get similar ones up on twitrounds where we have a lot of free twitter backgrounds

  • Some Points

    this is a great help… thank you so much for posting…

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