Nine Fiverr Gigs That Save me $6,642 per Month

Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart

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Over the past 14 months, I’ve spent $5,008.50 on Fiverr. That’s more than 1,000 gigs.

Five-thousand dollars seems like a lot to spend on Fiverr, right?

Not really. This $5,000 has saved my business tens of thousands of dollars on costly freelancers.

I made a bold claim in the headline – that I saved $6,642 per month using Fiverr – and I intend to back that up.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The keys to success on Fiverr
  • Nine gigs that deliver tremendous value for $5 (and links to each gig)
  • The comparable costs of the same gigs across the web (Google search or Elance)

The Keys to Fiverr

For the sake of this post, I’m only covering nine of my favorite Fiverr gigs, but there are hundreds more that can provide incredible value to your business. Here are a few tips for working Fiverr.

1. Know Which Gigs to Steer Clear of

Yes, there is a lot of spam on Fiverr, but there is also a lot of amazing deals. You just have to know exactly what you need.

Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can’t be done for $5

Good Gigs:

  • Basic design work, such as logos, banner ads, image optimization and business card design
  • Video editing, video introductions, voiceovers
  • Simple Photoshop tasks, such as photo touchups, dropping out backgrounds, etc.
  • Data entry, such as Excel tasks, social media scheduling, virtual assistant work, etc.
  • Basic web development, troubleshooting, Google Analytics implementations, etc.

2. Clearly Communicate Exactly What You Want

There’s one golden rule for successful outsourcing:

Don’t outsource anything you can’t clearly articulate to the freelancer.

You should have an implicit understanding of the task and explicit details on how to perform it.

For example, I can outsource SEO tasks because I understand exactly what needs to be done and can clearly communicate that to the freelancer.

If you don’t have a good grasp on the task you’re outsourcing then you’re going to get low quality work, and you’re better off hiring an agency.

Every time you order a gig on Fiverr, you have the opportunity to tell the freelancer precisely what you want.

Be a pain in the ass. Tell them exactly what you want.

Nine Fiverr Gigs I Use to Save $6,642 Monthly

1. ”I will help you out with Google Tag Manager for $5.”

About the gig: Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a must for websites that are serious about Internet marketing. GTM combines tags into one central location (Facebook re-marketing pixels, Floodlight, Analytics, etc.) and instantly helps clean up your code, speed up page load times and improve your data.

Elance Results:

The same project on Elance returned 12 results with an average bid of $220.

Total Savings: $220 – $5 = $215

2.”I will do 50 local citations manually in top USA websites to boost your local rankings for $5.”

About the gig: Citations are business listings on sites like Yelp, FourSquare, Yellow Pages and Brown Book; essentially online phone books. When done correctly, these citations will boost your local Google rankings. The key is to build listings on websites relevant to your industry. For $5, while you won’t get niche specific links, he will build links manually an authority sites. These hand-built citations will help with local SEO.

Elance Results:

The same job on Elance returned 23 results with an average bid of $7 per hour.

On average, Elancers built eight citations per hour.

50 citations / 8 citations per hour = 6.25 hours

So to build 50 citations, Elancers take 6.25 hours.

$7/hour x 6.25 hours = $43.75

Total Savings: $43.75 – $5 = $38.25

3.”I will create an amazing press release for you for $5.”

About the gig: Have you ever needed a press release? Then you know it’s a huge pain in the ass to find quality work at an affordable cost — until now. This native English speaking, PR professional charges just $.03 per word on Fiverr, and he does a fantastic job.

Google Search Results:

The average rate among quality press release writing services is $.10 per word.

$0.10 x 150 words = $15

Total Savings: $15 – $5 = $10

4. ”I will make a flat illustration of anything you specify for $5.”

About the gig: Flat design is clean, simple and trendy. It’s also expensive. This Fiverr contractor provides top notch flat design services for anything you need, including:

  • Facebook headers,
  • blog post images,
  • website headers,
  • icons
  • and more.

He’s also available for custom flat web design (at an extra cost).

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost per banner was $75.

Total Savings: $75 – $5 = $70

5. “I will clone or migrate WordPress website to a new host or domain for $5.”

About the gig: We build websites on a staging domain, allowing clients to see them before they go live on their URL. When my development team is backed up I buy this Fiverr gig, which migrates staged sites. Thus far, I’ve had nothing short of perfect experiences.

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost for migration is $50.

Total Savings: $50 – $5 = $45

6. “I will create AWESOME explainer video for $5.”

About the gig: For $5, you get five seconds of a custom explainer video. That’s right – no templates, 100 percent custom. For a 60-second video it’s just $90.

Google Search Results:

The average cost for custom explainer videos is around $250 per minute.

Total Savings: $250 – $5 = $245

7. “I will do 20 mins of audio or video transcription for $5.”

About the gig: Video transcriptions are great for YouTube SEO, and even better for turning your video marketing efforts into blog posts. If you’ve ever tried transcribing a 20-minute YouTube video before then you know it’s tough work. This guy does it for just $.25 per minute on Fiverr.

Google Search Results:

After Googling, I learned transcription services across the web, on average, cost $1 per minute.

Total Savings: $20 – $5 = $15

8. “I will create an infographic for $5.”

About the gig: This Fiverr contractor designs quality infographics for a ridiculously low cost. He will create a 10-point custom infographic for just $10.

Google Search Results:

After extensive Googling, the average cost was around $150 for a comparable infographic.

Total Savings: $150 – $5 = $145

9. “I will optimize your images or photos for $5.”

About the gig: I like to include a lot of high resolution images throughout my blog posts. If unoptimized, these images will drastically slow down your page load. Converting, resizing and compressing 20+ images is a huge time suck, and since my time could be better spent elsewhere, I outsource this on Fiverr.

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost was $50 per 20 images.

Total Savings: $50 – $5 = $45

In Conclusion

Here’s a summary of how much each gig saves me per purchase:

  • Gig 1: $220 – $5 = $215
  • Gig 2: $43.75 – $5 = $38.25
  • Gig 3: $15 – $5 = $10
  • Gig 4: $75 – $5 = $70
  • Gig 5: $50 – $5 = $45
  • Gig 6: $250 – $5 = $245
  • Gig 7: $20 – $5 = $15
  • Gig 8: $150 – $5 = $145
  • Gig 9: $50 – $5 = $45
Average Savings per Purchase: $93

$837 (total spent) / 9 (gigs) = $93

  • 1,000 gigs purchased over 14 months
  • 1,000 gigs x $93 average savings per purchase = $93,000
  • $93,000 / 14 months = $6,642.85

Bottomline: Don’t overlook the potential ROI of certain Fiverr gigs. When used correctly, Fiverr is tremendously valuable.

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