By Ryan Stewart

Nine Fiverr Gigs That Save me $6,642 per Month

By Ryan Stewart

Over the past 14 months, I've spent $5,008.50 on Fiverr. That’s more than 1,000 gigs.

Five-thousand dollars seems like a lot to spend on Fiverr, right?

Not really. This $5,000 has saved my business tens of thousands of dollars on costly freelancers.

I made a bold claim in the headline – that I saved $6,642 per month using Fiverr – and I intend to back that up.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The keys to success on Fiverr
  • Nine gigs that deliver tremendous value for $5 (and links to each gig)
  • The comparable costs of the same gigs across the web (Google search or Elance)

The Keys to Fiverr

For the sake of this post, I’m only covering nine of my favorite Fiverr gigs, but there are hundreds more that can provide incredible value to your business. Here are a few tips for working Fiverr.

1. Know Which Gigs to Steer Clear of

Yes, there is a lot of spam on Fiverr, but there is also a lot of amazing deals. You just have to know exactly what you need.

Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can't be done for $5

Good Gigs:

  • Basic design work, such as logos, banner ads, image optimization and business card design
  • Video editing, video introductions, voiceovers
  • Simple Photoshop tasks, such as photo touchups, dropping out backgrounds, etc.
  • Data entry, such as Excel tasks, social media scheduling, virtual assistant work, etc.
  • Basic web development, troubleshooting, Google Analytics implementations, etc.

2. Clearly Communicate Exactly What You Want

There's one golden rule for successful outsourcing:

Don't outsource anything you can't clearly articulate to the freelancer.

You should have an implicit understanding of the task and explicit details on how to perform it.

For example, I can outsource SEO tasks because I understand exactly what needs to be done and can clearly communicate that to the freelancer.

If you don't have a good grasp on the task you're outsourcing then you’re going to get low quality work, and you're better off hiring an agency.

Every time you order a gig on Fiverr, you have the opportunity to tell the freelancer precisely what you want.

Be a pain in the ass. Tell them exactly what you want.


Nine Fiverr Gigs I Use to Save $6,642 Monthly

1. ”I will help you out with Google Tag Manager for $5.”

About the gig: Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a must for websites that are serious about Internet marketing. GTM combines tags into one central location (Facebook re-marketing pixels, Floodlight, Analytics, etc.) and instantly helps clean up your code, speed up page load times and improve your data.

Elance Results:

The same project on Elance returned 12 results with an average bid of $220.

Total Savings: $220 – $5 = $215

2.”I will do 50 local citations manually in top USA websites to boost your local rankings for $5.”

About the gig: Citations are business listings on sites like Yelp, FourSquare, Yellow Pages and Brown Book; essentially online phone books. When done correctly, these citations will boost your local Google rankings. The key is to build listings on websites relevant to your industry. For $5, while you won’t get niche specific links, he will build links manually an authority sites. These hand-built citations will help with local SEO.

Elance Results:

The same job on Elance returned 23 results with an average bid of $7 per hour.

On average, Elancers built eight citations per hour.

50 citations / 8 citations per hour = 6.25 hours

So to build 50 citations, Elancers take 6.25 hours.

$7/hour x 6.25 hours = $43.75

Total Savings: $43.75 – $5 = $38.25

3.”I will create an amazing press release for you for $5.”

About the gig: Have you ever needed a press release? Then you know it's a huge pain in the ass to find quality work at an affordable cost — until now. This native English speaking, PR professional charges just $.03 per word on Fiverr, and he does a fantastic job.

Google Search Results:

The average rate among quality press release writing services is $.10 per word.

$0.10 x 150 words = $15

Total Savings: $15 – $5 = $10

4. ”I will make a flat illustration of anything you specify for $5.”

About the gig: Flat design is clean, simple and trendy. It's also expensive. This Fiverr contractor provides top notch flat design services for anything you need, including:

  • Facebook headers,
  • blog post images,
  • website headers,
  • icons
  • and more.

He's also available for custom flat web design (at an extra cost).

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost per banner was $75.

Total Savings: $75 – $5 = $70

5. "I will clone or migrate WordPress website to a new host or domain for $5.”

About the gig: We build websites on a staging domain, allowing clients to see them before they go live on their URL. When my development team is backed up I buy this Fiverr gig, which migrates staged sites. Thus far, I’ve had nothing short of perfect experiences.

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost for migration is $50.

Total Savings: $50 – $5 = $45

6. "I will create AWESOME explainer video for $5.”

About the gig: For $5, you get five seconds of a custom explainer video. That's right – no templates, 100 percent custom. For a 60-second video it's just $90.

Google Search Results:

The average cost for custom explainer videos is around $250 per minute.

Total Savings: $250 – $5 = $245

7. "I will do 20 mins of audio or video transcription for $5.”

About the gig: Video transcriptions are great for YouTube SEO, and even better for turning your video marketing efforts into blog posts. If you've ever tried transcribing a 20-minute YouTube video before then you know it's tough work. This guy does it for just $.25 per minute on Fiverr.

Google Search Results:

After Googling, I learned transcription services across the web, on average, cost $1 per minute.

Total Savings: $20 – $5 = $15

8. "I will create an infographic for $5.”

About the gig: This Fiverr contractor designs quality infographics for a ridiculously low cost. He will create a 10-point custom infographic for just $10.

Google Search Results:

After extensive Googling, the average cost was around $150 for a comparable infographic.

Total Savings: $150 – $5 = $145

9. “I will optimize your images or photos for $5.”

About the gig: I like to include a lot of high resolution images throughout my blog posts. If unoptimized, these images will drastically slow down your page load. Converting, resizing and compressing 20+ images is a huge time suck, and since my time could be better spent elsewhere, I outsource this on Fiverr.

Elance Results:

On Elance, the average cost was $50 per 20 images.

Total Savings: $50 – $5 = $45

In Conclusion

Here's a summary of how much each gig saves me per purchase:

  • Gig 1: $220 – $5 = $215
  • Gig 2: $43.75 – $5 = $38.25
  • Gig 3: $15 – $5 = $10
  • Gig 4: $75 – $5 = $70
  • Gig 5: $50 – $5 = $45
  • Gig 6: $250 – $5 = $245
  • Gig 7: $20 – $5 = $15
  • Gig 8: $150 – $5 = $145
  • Gig 9: $50 – $5 = $45
Average Savings per Purchase: $93

$837 (total spent) / 9 (gigs) = $93

  • 1,000 gigs purchased over 14 months
  • 1,000 gigs x $93 average savings per purchase = $93,000
  • $93,000 / 14 months = $6,642.85

Bottomline: Don’t overlook the potential ROI of certain Fiverr gigs. When used correctly, Fiverr is tremendously valuable.

  • there are a few good ones out there, good finds

    • you’ve gotta dig for them. i have 2 full time freelancers that i found on fiverr – there’s talent on there, you just gotta spend a butt load of money to find it

      • Steve Gordon

        How much is a butt load? Is it more than a shit load?

        • a butt load is slightly more than a shit load, but significantly less than a fuck load

  • Kali Mason

    Really handy links, especially the infographic and flat illustration ones!

  • M S i N Lund

    What the hell is a fivver?

    • M S i N Lund

      Oh, i see.
      Its another “race to the bottom”-site.

      I guess when you only get payed a ffiveer to write an article about a site, you cant be bothered to start with a line or two mentioning what the site does, or link to it.

      • OphelieLechat

        Oh, that’d be clever if it were true.

      • pfffftttt, i wish i got paid by fiverr to write it!

        if you’ve got a connection there, please let them know i’m doing all their legwork :)

      • Calvinjo

        Anyone that has been doing marketing for longer than 6 months knows what fiverr is which is probably why the site name wasn’t explained…

        Great post by the by.

        • Thanks bud.

          • Kanye East

            Marketing scumbags really destroy every industry they put their claws into, whether it’s the movie industry or book and magazine publishing or the web – anything they touch. They suck it dry of quality like vampire parasites, turning it into a zombie industry with no substance to it, just hype and false promises, leaving rising misery and disillusionment in their wake.

            Creative design will go the same way thanks to marketers using fiverr – filling the web with more generic trash that nobody bothers to look at and forgets about instantly. Make no mistake, marketing people are the scum of the earth – they are genuinely more destructive and dangerous than ISIS. How to fight them?

            Be strong and go into business doing something for yourself that you genuinely enjoy. Because what’s the point of working for some marketing scummer, tossing out pieces of objectionable crap for next to no money, when you could actually do something fulfilling to yourself, and potentially earn a lot more with the new payement systems available.

            Let the marketers get what they deserve – worthless junk. Because they themselves are the worthless junk of humanity, the talentless exploiters, and all their so-called ‘enterprises’ deserve to fail badly.

          • alwayzambitious

            I agreee and respect your opinion but the other way what marketing times do seems to be winning. it sucks but it is what it is

      • I personally prefer to not waste time reading things that I already know. Things which I can’t imagine anyone who landed on this article in the first place wouldn’t know.

  • This is great – thanks for the post!

    I can definitely see myself saving a few $ here.

    If you’re on WordPress I can’t recommend the EWWW Image plugin enough.

    It’s saved me so much time as it automatically optimizes images as I upload them.

    The infographic Fiverr gig looks amazing – I’ll be using that next week.

    Thanks very much for the post Ryan!

  • I’d be interested in your take on an article by a voice over artist after a client meeting (http://www.stevenjaycohen.com/2015/02/23/why-i-dont-worry-about-fiverr-anymore/). The summary is “Fiverr is good for throwaway work. We keep a list of people with a Fivver profile and never hire them for the real job.”

    • Neil Rogers

      To that I would say they are making foolish business decisions for the sake of elitism. What business person in their right mind will purposely setup a system to make sure that they pay 50 times more for something when they might get the same or better quality for less? If the Fiverr talent has the best voice for the job and has the ability to work with the company in a fashion they need, then it is ridiculous for them to turn away from that talent just because of where they met so that they can have the opportunity to spend more money on costs somewhere else. Do these same companies have the market montra of Buy high, sell low?

  • Justas Maziliauskas

    “I will create AWESOME explainer video for $5.” this part has some errors, becouse 60 seconds video costs not 5$, but 90$, so 250 – 90 = 160$ savings, not 250 – 5 = 245$ savings.

    • aye, i’m a marketer, not a mathematician – please don’t hold it against me!

      • Matt S.

        Actual monthly savings (adjusted): $5,898.81

        If I were on Fiverr, I’d just give you this one. ;-)

      • theultimate1

        You do realise you’re making a bad excuse instead of just admitting & fixing what is probably an innocent error at your end, yes?

  • OphelieLechat

    Hey Ryan — as someone who outsources a lot of work, I enjoyed this article!

    I’d love to hear your tips on finding great freelancers on outsourcing platforms in general. I get about 50 applicants for every job, and by the time I’ve narrowed it down to one candidate, I haven’t really saved any time or money.

    • that sounds like a great topic for an article – maybe i’ll write that one next…

    • This ones interesting. +1. Wana look into such solutions.

    • Johnny Baskin

      Usually I narrow my applicants, I don’t allow 50 people to apply, much easier to choose between 5 people over 50. I suppose it depends how difficult your job is but if the job isn’t too hard most people that applied can probably get it done.

  • Dale Reardon

    I agree in so far that Fiverr does have some quality gigs. However I disagree that you should stay away from submission gigs as you state. I have had great success with manual submission gigs getting me local citations in Australia and manually submitting infographics. I note you even use someone to build citations which is really a form of a submission.

    Dale – https://onlinebeginnershub.com

  • Brice

    Great post Ryan! thanks for the info. My fiverr experiences have always been about 50/50 and looking at your list of what to outsource/what not to outsource on fiverr that is dead on with what I have figured out the hard way. High five

  • Fiverr Beast Mode. Great article. Fiverr gets such a bad reputation because of the spammy automated gigs. They even still have the category titled, Bookmarking & Links. Social bookmarking gigs that promise PR6 – PR9 links! haha.
    But yeah if you dig and test some gigs, there’s some legit work that you can get for cheap.

  • Letusak

    there is one missing point in the equation – the TIME you have to spend on finding, evaluating, explaining, controlling, fixing, doing again … on all those fiverrs. As mentioned, there are plenty of good offiers, and gazillion more spam offers and low quality jobs, that even if done, need to be re-done. This is time (ergo money) consuming process. I’m in no doubt there are usefull things on 5er, but keep this in mind and don’t fixate on just the money equation.

    • No doubt – when writing web content, you’ve gotta find a way to keep it interesting (hence why I threw money into it). However, you’re right. It took me a lot of time to find and source good gigs. Use my mistakes as a lesson – these freelancers are all pre-vetted!

  • Hey Dale – I could see your point in that. I was just generalizing to make a blanket point. You can find value in a ton of gigs on Fiverr, that’s just my general experience.

  • I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for this really informative post.

  • brandonlife

    Well done. This is awesome.

  • Sebastian Clark

    Fiverr is a really great and cheap marketplace, once you get to know quality sellers. This is a gig I favor https://www.fiverr.com/skylal/optimize-website

  • Murray Chapman

    I can see your point. Food for thought though. Can someone do quality work for $5 and actually make a living? Who is loosing out just so you can save money? What is the catch? Somewhere, someone is being taken advantage of and sadly there are to many businesses willing to undercut a designer’s worth. Also using a term like ‘costly freelancers’ is like saying that all designers are not worth more than 5 dollars per job. At the same time, to be objective, at least you can say you are being fair if you are not charging more that $50 for your end product.

    • Person Person

      Many of them are living in places with a much lower cost of living. A lot of stuff is timed at about 20 minutes worth of work, which works out to $15/hr if you’re kept busy, and that is not a bad living in many places, especially if you must work from home. Like anything, there are some go-getters who set big goals and they do make good money.

      Also, $5 is the building block. Not many people are buying an explainer video lasting just 5 seconds! They find various ways to upsell. You want it tomorrow, not 4 days from now? That’s more.

      And most of them have expertise or an assembly line that lets them specialize in things that would take others much longer. It’s like a seamstress I once heard of who learned a quick way to make pockets, which are a pain in the butt. She would pick up work from a suit factory, do nothing but pockets all morning for (coincidentally) 5 bucks a pop, and drop them off after lunch and get paid on the spot. If you specialize in some sort of drudgery everyone wants to avoid, you’ll always have work.

  • Hey Ryan, this was an awesome post, I have been paying about $200 per custom infographic and we do anywhere from five to six a month for our clients, you just saved me a thousand bucks a month my friend.

    I want to ask, where have to seen the best success with content marketing?

  • Hey Ryan, this article is probably the best thing I ever read about Fiverr. Spot on1

  • eddie404

    Thanks Ryan, a real eye-opener!

  • Person Person

    For the most part I prefer to work with someone in or near my time zone, and many fiverrs are on the opposite side of the globe, so communication can be a drag. Otherwise, my experiences have been mostly good, but not all home runs. When you find someone with skills, stick with them!

  • Matt Kaipuke

    Great article!! I too have been going through Fiverr for 3 months and found some real nuggetts among the crap. Good news is if you have a bad experience with a gig it didnt break your bank account

  • Hi Ryan. I’ve just received some audio transcription back from the guy you recommended, and thought I should let you and your readers know that the quality was pretty horrible. I’m having to make so many corrections that I may as well have done the job myself. If anything, this has added time and cost to the task. Hopefully some of the other gigs you mentioned provide better quality output, but this one has been a big disappointment :(

  • Jon Price

    Always with the value, my man – great job. Question for you – being that you’re a GA/GTM beast, how do you safely grant these guys the right kind of temporary access and lock them out afterward until you find the right ones? They need a decent amount of access to mess with GA goals, GTM events and plugging call conversion tags into a client’s WP admin, no? I’d love to move that off the plate, it’s killing me.

  • subham

    I am fiverr service seller as well as buyer i sell seo service on fiverr and run a digital agency as well so i buy few stuffs from fiverr its help me a lot and yes i am also helping a lot of people who are resell seo service. I have few clients doing business from last 2 years and sped over $500 per months and they will earn more than $2000 form this.

  • Kungfu Sourcing

    Thanks to this Article, I just got know of this site last month and trying to sell some gigs and on it and this is a perspective view from a buyer I can learn how to do my gigs more popular. If you are dealing with businesses with China, please find my gigs on CHINABUSINESS on Fiverr. :)

  • dc

    goo. but me new comer in fiverr… ……….. how much click than sell possible tell me places. if you agree ; helpe me plz

  • Muhammad Jobaier Sheikh

    Thanks for spreading your innovative idea. I appreciate it.

  • Can you pls suggest me some good SEO & Social Media gigs?

    Any gig to get Genuine Facebook likes?


  • romeoo

    thanks man really helpful!

  • Sihem Amira

    Who can explain to me how to do that please ? I didnt understand how to do that with elance !

  • Your absolutely right, I had my company logo designed for $5. One gig I really like is from danalytics Link Detox report. The seller is very knowledgeable and will help you discover any bad links and create a disavow file if needed. It’s better to remove all the spamy PBN links now, before it’s too late! Thanks for the grate post!

  • That White Dude

    Ah come on, You get the point though right?

  • hahaha True!!

  • Hi Ryan,

    Great piece of information. I am also working in Fiverr but I have not earned much till now.
    I want to know how frequently you used to get orders and how many hrs you work daily on these gigs? Also how you promoted your gig for more impressions?


  • Sweet deal. I am curious to know about the directory listing services though. Does anything they do duplicate any existing listings?

  • SEO

    That is really effective way with $5

  • Chirag Humbal

    “I will clone or migrate WordPress website to a new host or domain for $5

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