IOST Community Hub launched!

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The successful launch of IOST testnet — Everest v0.5 triggered a huge response across our community. We were amazed at the reaction and became even more determined to grow awareness of IOST far and wide. We are excited to announce the official launch of the IOST Community Hub to keep you informed about our project progress and to create a hub where you can join our initiatives. All developers, fans and friends are welcome to join our community and we look forward to your valuable contributions, suggestions and feedback.

To celebrate the official launch of the IOST Community Hub, IOST will be running a week long referral program to reward dedicated community members who help the community grow even bigger! This is a one of a kind event, and will be one of the largest referral giveaway programs ever, with massive rewards and individual prizes of more than 1,000,000 tokens up for grabs! 1 referral alone will earn up to 600 IOST.

In the IOST Community Hub, you can stay up to date on the latest developments in the IOST project, earn rewards by finishing quests and earn daily rewards. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming IOST Lock-Up Reward Program. For this week only we will be running the IOST Community Hub Referral Programdon’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the IOST community!

There are three ways to participate in the Referral Program:

Invite a friend

you can invite friends with your unique referral code to register for the IOST Hub. They will need to correctly answer a short quiz about IOST to be accepted. If successful, you and your friend will both receive a token prize. If any question is answered incorrectly, neither party will be rewarded.

Token Prizes:

For the first 10,000 Participants = Inviter receives 600 IOST, Invitee receives 100 IOST

10,000–30,000 Participants = Inviter receives 300 IOST, Invitee receives 50 IOST

30,000–50,000 Participants = Inviter receives 200 IOST, Invitee receives 25 IOST

>50,000 Participants = Inviter receives 100 IOST, Invitee receives 20 IOST

Referral Achievements

additional bonuses will be awarded for the total number of successful referrals you make. Please note:they are not cumulative and you can only be rewarded one of these token prizes.

Token Prizes:

When a user successfully registers 100 people, an additional 50,000 IOST bonus is added

When a user successfully registers 300 people, an additional 150,000 IOST bonus is added

When a user successfully registers 500 people, an additional 250,000 IOST bonus is added

Top Referrer Prize

The top 5 participants who refer the most amount of people will receive a massive token prize and will be entered into the IOST Community Hall of Fame!

Token Prizes:

· 700,000 IOST tokens for 1st place

· 600,000 IOST tokens for 2nd place

· 500,000 IOST tokens for 3rd place

· 400,000 IOST tokens for 4th place

· 300,000 IOST tokens for 5th place

Referral Program Rules

1. The event will be held from 10:00 am (CST, GMT+8) on July 23, 2018 to 10:00 am (CST, GMT+8) on July 29, 2018.

2. You will receive your Invite a friend reward only after your referee correctly answers the quiz. Referral Achievementsand Top Referrer Prizewill be awarded within 5 working days after the event ends.

3. If cheating or system manipulation of any kind is discovered, the associated accounts will be permanently blocked and all rewards will be cleared. IOST will not reward users who try to manipulate the system with spam accounts, non-real users, automated scripts, system vulnerabilities, or other suspicious activities.

4. All tokens credited to an account can be withdrawn after 30 days

5. If you discover any foul play during the event, you can report it to and we will reward the whistleblower with 5,000–50,000 IOST.

6. The final interpretation of actions within this event will be determined by the Internet of Services Foundation. If you have any questions, please contact:

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