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Enter The Matrix — Browse The Complete SitePoint Library

    Matthew Magain

    One common request we receive from our customers is for more information about where each of our books fits with regard to every other book.

    When we first started out, we only had a handful of titles, so listing them all in (approximately) chronological order wasn’t really an issue. However now that we have nearly 30 titles, a matrix depicting the position of each book and a difficulty level is well overdue.

    Well, better late than never — we now have available a matrix of every single SitePoint book, kit or PDF title. If you already own a SitePoint book, you can now chart your progression with regard to the rest of the SitePoint library.

    The page itself is a technological wonder, making use of some hairy CSS in order to display information in a useful manner while retaining some form of semantic sense. I’ll let Brothercake elaborate on the details in a later post.

    Go on! Enter the matrix!