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Design Festival Podcast #13: David Airey on Freelancing

Simon Pascal Klein

And bam, episode 13! This week I had the honor of catching up with logo and identity designer David Airey to discuss his career and thoughts on freelancing, pro bono work, and identity design.

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Episode Summary


Content Rundown

  • Intro: David and his career
  • Career paths, freelancing, and finding your niche through specialization
  • Finding, approaching, and securing new clients
  • Performing pro bono publico work and its benefits
  • Becoming an author, self-publishing and going through publishers
  • Pre-fetching data to improve responsiveness — inspiration from the Flash days?
  • Doing it all again — things we’d do differently
  • Opening your own studio?
  • Tips for aspiring designers: do it because you love it and do it with humility — mottos to live by
  • Show close



The intro and outro music this week is by Reznor again, with Track 12 from Ghosts, the fantastic Creative Commons-licensed instrumental 36-track album by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails).

Audio Transcript

We’re a tad behind on the transcripts. They’ll be updated soon and added soon!