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Welcome to the end of another week — and to another Six of the Best, where we collate half a dozen of the more interesting and diverse articles from across the SitePoint network. Enjoy your weekend reading!

Steps For Moving Your Business Into the Cloud

“Move your business to the cloud!” blare the ads. It’s a catchphrase used all too regularly. But cloud computing is so handy; you can share files and make use of advanced technologies. The payoff seems like a no-brainer. Making the move is a bit more complicated than advertisers put on, however.

Take Your Typography To the Next Level With the Glyph Palette

Glyphs (forget magical symbols in Dungeons & Dragons for one minute) are symbols associated with different keyboard keys. The glyphs palette in Illustrator’s (or InDesign’s) type menu is a powerful tool when it comes to taking control of your typography, allowing open type to be an unlimited source of options for a designer. The palette brings you everything from alphanumerics to logo types, allowing you to really master typography.

5 Inspiring (and Useful) PHP Snippets

List time! But fear not, we’re not bringing you a handful of baffling and irrelevant additions to your PHP arsenal. Here’s five snippets that you’ll interesting and useful, presented along with the problems that inspired them.

Making Mobile Clients Understand: Four Ways To Win New Clients Through Great Communication

Here’s a revelation: in any sphere of development, its vital to keep clients happy and informed. Happy clients usually lead to more clients. So, how can we keep our clients happy? The key lies in excellent communication.

Adding SMS Capabilities to Your Rails App

How do you integrate an SMS service into a Rails application so users can validate accounts using a mobile device — and so the application can send SMS messages to users? Actually, it is fairly easy to add such capabilities, especially with Twilio.

Browser Trends July 2012: IE9 Strikes Back

In May 2012, Chrome overtook IE to become the world’s most used browser. But all is not lost for Microsoft; uptake of IE9 is happening, if fairly slowly. The biggest loser on the browser block is Firefox, however …

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